Write About Myths Of Visiting Hair Salon Melbourne


In the lifestyle changes, people get changed and adapt themselves to the society. These changes also lead to let people think more and it creates more misconception among people as well. If you also have some myth about visiting a Hair Salon Melbourne, need a clearance, then stay here, read out the blow myth and real thing and get a clear understanding and spread the correct things to people. Instead of taking unwanted things and misconceptions in your mind, try to come out from these. Hope, this given blog line will make your clear and make you understand the significance associated with a hair salon and its services.

The Coloring Can Damage Your Hair

In the trending world, coloring the hair becomes normal and the proper coloring will never damage your hair as well. So, find a professional hairstylist to color your hair because they only know how to polish your hair without causing any damage to the hair.

Cutting Your Hair Leads To Faster Growth

This is the most common myth, you may have heard a lot, but there is no scientific basis and tested has been proved yet about this myth. Don’t forget that maintenance of your hair is more important and if you really cared for your hair health, you must cut the hair frequently without letting yourself into nonsense thinking that the hair will grow any faster just because of cutting the hair.

Regular hair Washing Is Bad For Scalp

Because of this misconception, many people avoid regular hair washing, but it all depends on the people’s lifestyle only. If you are working in a place where you are sweating daily or traveling daily to many places, then regular washing of your hair may become necessary. If you are using gentle hair-products and doing air drying after hair wash, then you have nothing to worry about.

Shampooing Is Not Good For Your Hair Health

Now most people talking about the damaging effects of shampoo, but you have to use it to clean your scalp. The shampoo helps to remove the oil, dirt, pollutants, and bacteria in your scalp and hair. However, choosing the right shampoo also very much important, so you can feel tense free if you visit a Hair Salon Lygon St in this case because they know the best which make your hair healthy.

Pulling out one grey hair makes more grow back

This is the popular belief that if you pluck a gray hair, then more gray hair will grow in its place. But that’s not true, because only one hair grows back from a hair follicle and hairstylists also do not suggest plucking it at all. Because, if the follicle gets damaged, it affects the hair grow back, so if you visit the salon, you can just color the hair and find the solution easily.

Showering with Cold Water Leads To Shiny Hair

Showering in cold water has several other benefits, but it doesn’t help to the shine of the hair and the temperature of the shower, not a big matter to change your look of the hair. But don’t use hot water, because it may dry your skin. So better, have a warm temperature for hair washing.

Brushing Your Hair while Wet Is Bad

It depends on the brush you going to use, if you use a wide-tooth or tangle-teaser comb, it won’t damage your hair. But if you use the fine-tooth comb, it will lead to pulling the hair and cause damage to the hair.

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