How To Style Your Favourite Blue Dress


Styling has become one of the most important parts of fashion, it’s the difference between a good outfit and a bad outfit.

To explain more about styling, it can sometimes be an easy task for you, or you might envision the perfect bag or shoes to go with your favourite blue dress but sometimes a little help or inspiration is just what we need. This article will hopefully help you when it comes to styling your perfect blue dress for any occasion.

Jazz it Up

Be bold come out of your comfort zone and experiment with bright colours, especially when styling a plain blue dress. Try some bright red, orange or yellow colours, whether it’s earrings, belts, bags or shoes, this can pop with darker blues. This look would be applicable for occasions such as weddings, birthdays or brunch.

This can also be taken in another direction. Keeping it simple, this could be styled as office wear or an everyday look paired with neutral shades of white, beige, black or grey. This could include nail polish, heels or and bag. Some bold silver earrings and jewellery can accompany this to compliment the colour scheme.

Fashion is an expression of how we feel and our personality, you should never limit yourself to a specific style or colour combination. We would recommend jazzing it up and experimenting with your style till you find whatever works best for you. Whether that’s going for monochromatic or neutral or bright and loud.

Colour Scheme

When it comes to your perfect blue dress you must ensure that other colours you incorporate compliment the whole look, there are several shades of blue such as your classic and formal navy, summer baby blue azure blue and many others.

Each shade of blue has an array of different colours that work best with it for example light shades of blue look more compatible with light shades such as white, yellow, lilac and so on.

When it comes to your bolder and dark shades of blue neutral shades seem to work better such as beige, brown and black embodying a sleeker and professional look.

What’s the style?

Depending on the style of your dress and the occasion, your style will depend on the kind of accessories you’d accentuate your blue dress with. The options are limitless and as blue is such a versatile colour it’s in almost everyone’s wardrobe. The dress is just the base of your outfit but styling really elevates the look.


Wearing a bodycon dress can give a refreshing and appealing look that will make you stand out from the crowd. As a versatile colour, there is a shade that suits everyone, once you’ve found the one that hugs all the right places you’re onto a winner.

Statement Accessories

  • Since a bodycon dress is a tight-fitting option that acts as a blank canvas, a perfect opportunity to play with accessories.
  • Bold statement earrings, chunky or layered necklaces and stacked bracelets.
  • A shoulder bag or clutch can add a touch of sophistication.


  • If you’re keeping it casual a trainer option, ankle boots or sandals will dress you down.
  • Going out option and add some strappy open-toe shoes, stilettos or some heeled boots that can compliment your dress nicely.


  • Adding a belt can just tie a whole look together, so experiment and see what works in conjunction with your other accessories.

Sweetheart Neck

With such beautiful detail and features of the dress, you can never go wrong wearing this style, especially in the summer and spring seasons. This versatile style can be worn on many occasions.

Classic Elegance

For a classic elegant look whether you’re going out with the girls or attending a party here are some tips.

  • Metallic is in this season so incorporate it as much as you can such as in your heel and bag option.
  • Simple delicate jewellery – it would be a perfect opportunity to wear your pearls.
  • Loose curls or a sleek ponytail to showcase the neck of the dress paired with some neutral makeup.

Date Idea

  • Make the most of the dress during the romantic evening by pairing it with a pair of strappy heels or stilettos in a complementary colour.
  • A statement necklace and some bold earrings.
  • Paired with a little bag that suits your dress or bag.
  • A smokey sultry eye with rosy cheeks.

Backless Dress

Styling a blue backless dress can be a glamorous option without being too revealing. Perfect for all kinds of occasions. Here are some tips when it comes to wearing a blue backless dress.

  • No bra is an easy option but isn’t for everyone therefore finding a nude illusion strappless and backless bra is important. Alternatively, there are tape and sticker options.
  • Keep accessories to a minimum although bold earrings wouldn’t go a miss and add to the statement – there are options for a reverse necklace where it dangles beautifully down your back.
  • An updo is crucial to showcase and highlight the design.
  • Strappy heels would go well with this look for evening wear, holidays or as a date option.
  • A makeup option that suits the occasion and the dress will elevate this look and, as a holiday option keep it glowy and simple.

Maxi Dress

A blue maxi dress can be one of the most versatile options to have in your wardrobe for formal events to an everyday look. This is very dependable on the features but with the right accessories, you’re hardly limited.

Wedding Guest

A maxi dress is a perfect option for a more formal event whether you’re attending as a wedding guest or it’s your prom. The best part of a blue maxi dress is that it doesn’t need much accessorising as it’s a staple on its own.

  • Keep it simple with some light silver jewellery.
  • Big bouncy hair.
  • Comfiest heels with a matching bag.


Playing with layering is a simple guide to mastering your boho-chic look, an iconic style from the early 2000s.

  • Layer with a leather or denim vest, kimono or jacket.
  • Simple ankle boots or sandals.
  • Add a few necklaces and bracelets.
  • Fringe will tie this look together whether it’s a bag or on your boots.

Holiday Look

  • Layer your maxi dress over your bikini as a beachy cover-up option.
  • Keep it as simple as possible with some flip-flops or sandals and a tote bag.

Office Look

As a maxi dress can be styled conservatively and professionally especially when wearing a solid dark blue colour.

  • Some black ankle boots or some closed-toe heels.
  • Black shoulder bag.
  • Simple jewellery everyday options such as little hoops and classic necklaces.
  • Neat clean hairstyle paired with a subtle makeup look.

Mini Dress

Styling a blue mini dress can be a fun and creative process, depending on the occasion you have a vast amount of options and inspiration available.

Glam Girls Night

Choose statement heels or strappy sandals in colours such as black, metallic silver or gold. Metalic is very in this season so best you take advantage and match it with some statement jewellery such as a big cocktail ring and earrings with a little bag, big enough to hold your card, phone and lipstick for touch-ups.

A bold makeup look would go a low way such as a smoky eye and bold lip. Hair up or down just have a play with it and see what looks best to you.

Casual Daytime

You can wear the same dress for going out as you can for your day-to-day with just a few simple changes.

  • Pair of trainers that compliment the dress such as high-tops.
  • A denim jacket for a relaxed spring/summer vibe.
  • Little everyday accessories such as little earrings and classic necklaces.

Sporty Spice

As athleisure wear is popular at the moment mastering this styling option can add more uses to your blue mini-dresses

  • Throw a sporty windbreakers or bomber jacket over your dress for a relaxed comfortable athletic vibe.
  • Add some matching trainers or sporter sandals.
  • Accessorise with a baseball cap and a crossbody bag/ backpack.