A Guide To Flattering A Curvier Figure


In the last 20 years, the face of fashion has changed. If you go into any shop or department store, you’re sure to find many stylish pieces that you may wish to wear. And unlike 20 years ago, these clothes now include plus sizes. Which is great if you have a fuller figure.

Indeed, across the fashion industry as a whole, larger ladies are being celebrated, with many brands promoting models and updating their lines to include fuller figures. So if you are a woman who has more curves than she can handle, there are many ways you can look fabulous in 2022

In the following guide, how to flatter a curvier figure will be looked at, and some of the most popular clothing items to help you flaunt your shape. While also helping you to feel proud of your curves and shape.

Defining Plus Size

It is worth noting that before getting into this article, you will need to define if plus size applies to you, i.e., the standard definition of a plus-size model or clothing that relates to the clothing of sizes that are larger than those found in standard ranges.

According to the majority of department stores, a plus-size person is larger than a size 18 in the US and in the UK as well, although there is a difference in sizing between the two countries, so if you wanted to shop in one or the other, it’s best to double-check you’re getting the right fit that you need.

Irrespective, many online stores cater to plus-size women across the board. So, head to a site like froxx.co.uk to look at the options that they can provide for you.

Now, onto the guide on how you can flatter your plus size shape!

Confidence is key!

Accepting your body shape is a key part of dressing and looking better. When you think of flattering your curves, this does not mean redefining your shape. It means enhancing it to look its best. It can be tricky for women who are plus size to feel confident in their shapes. However, no matter what size or shape you are, you shouldn’t think of yourself as any less fashionable or gorgeous than the women who grace the runway. Body positive movements have helped fashion brands create a more inclusive range. And so, you should accept your body as it is and dress it so you can feel amazing.


Shapewear is not exclusive to plus-sized ladies. In fact, many slimmer women also wear it as it can help with smoothing a shape to look more refined and allow you to wear tighter clothes without any bumps. Investing in figure-hugging shapewear will allow you to try on a wider range of clothing. Which will once again enhance your bust and hips. Making you feel stunning.

Different sizes

it is common for their clothing sizes to vary based on where they’re shopping. So rather than going into a store, trying on your standard size, and then becoming disheartened, try on a range of sizes and see which one suits you best. Different styles and materials can fit differently even in the same store, and even the same size in the same item can vary due to the seam allowance and overlocking of the hem in the finished product. Take the time when you’re trying on, and if you are ordering online, do not feel ashamed of returning an item and opting for a larger size. Remember, many clothing brands have their own sizing options. So it is not a reflection on you.


Larger ladies tend to have larger busts, and so, when you are choosing a bra, you should opt for one that is underwired and can support your fuller figure. It is also necessary for comfort and to flatter the right parts of the body. Be sure to get a bra that fits you properly, as you do not want the straps cutting in and causing dents and irritation. Just make sure that it supports your bust when you’re out and about without overexposing it. Try to buy more than one of your best bra finds if it ticks all these boxes too.

In relation to knickers, thongs, and briefs, always aim to buy these in a size that does not cut in and gives you plenty of room. You do not want to be wearing underwear that pinches in those sensitive areas, which could cause rashes. Always aim to have underwear made from cotton or bamboo. This will allow for better permeability and breathing overall.

Wide Belts

There are accessories that you can purchase that will help you enhance your figure. One of these is a wide belt which you should wear around your waist. This will enhance and draw attention to the smallest part of your body while also giving you an hourglass shape.

Don’t Be Afraid of Leggings

Some people think that unless you are practicing yoga, you should not be wearing leggings as pants. However, they are great under longline tops and dresses if you want something to cover your legs but don’t want to wear tights.

Alternatively, if you are a fan of skinny-fitting options but don’t want to wear leggings, you can pull on a pair of jeans or jeggings. Jeggings are comfortable and have the feel of leggings but have that denim material making them feel sturdier than an ordinary pair of pants.

Final Thought

Being plus size does not mean you have to give up on fashion, as there are still many options available for you to enhance your shape. Just be sure that whatever you wear makes you feel comfortable and that it is the right size to prevent feeling pressure or soreness due to rubbing. You also need to make sure that whatever you wear, it’s suitable for the weather – though, in some places, that’s more tricky to judge even by the hour. As long as you wear what you choose with confidence, then you’ll start feeling more confident in yourself too.