What Are the Teachings of Swaminarayan Bhagwan?


Hi, living in search of the spiritual knowledge! Finally, we will be exploring into the pivotal teachings of Swaminarayan Bhagwan, who is an eminent person of Hinduism who still guides his followers on the roads of devotion and righteousness by making use of his eternal lessons.

Understanding Ahimsa and Compassion

The fundamental principle of Bhagwan Swaniamarayan lies in the ahimsa meaning i.e. non-violence. He highlighted the significant role kindness plays towards all creatures, encouraging his listeners to refrains either from causing pain or hurting any animate beast of large or small size. In doing so, Swaminarayan Bhagwan not only demonstrated how one should be but he remained adhered to his words while carrying out every action that was imbued with kindness, courtesy, and empathy to all forms of life.

Embracing Dharma and Righteousness

Wandering Swaminarayan Bhagwan taught about value of dharma, the principle of proper behavior toward fulfillment in life. That were the times when he implored his followers to stay morally righteous, truthful, and honest to what they were thinking, saying, and doing. By sticking to dharma, people not only maintain a high reputation in community but also connect to the supreme order of the universe, resulting in a ease and unifying of mind and soul.

Cultivating Devotion and Bhakti

Directing Swaminarayan Aarti to the path of bhakti and devotion to the divinity is the key to all his teachings. He emphasized that the key to building a meaningful and cozy connection with God lies in the abyss of personal prayers and meditations that bring real inner changes in each individual. By actually surrendering fully to the Divine, the person may really experience grandiose joy and a fulfillment beyond worldly pleasures, followed by a spiritual awakening.

Promoting Unity and Harmony

Swaminarayan Bhagwan institutionalized the notion of ‘vahishta’ culture wherein people belonging to diverse backgrounds are integrated, and amity is achieved. He urged his disciples to be engulfed in being the unique creation of the Creator, transcending the barriers of caste, religion, and nation, recognizing which is the most important. Swaminarayan Bhagwan not only propogated his teachings, rather, he made people understand that this world would become a perfect world where love, tolerance, mutual respect etc. etc. would prevail.

Practicing Seva and Selfless Service

At the core of the teachings of Shri Swaminarayan Bhagwan there is the idea of a seva, which mean selfless service of others. He was of the opinion the main purpose of every spiritual person is to be humble and helpful to other people. It does not matter whether they expect something in return or not. As he did so, the Swaminarayan Bhagwan not only provided physical sustenance to the distressed by giving food to the needy, caring for the sick and serving the impoverished but also endeavored to create a world where people treated each other with compassion and shared what was available.

Embodying Satya and Truthfulness

Swami Narayan Bhagwan was big on satya, his word for truthfulness, as a pillar in all areas of life. He emphasized the importance of telling the truth, following the moral and ethical principles, and living being true and straightforward. With the help of satya, one would be able to develop a meaningful trust, credibility, and authenticity in the dealings and in the relationship that would result in the inner peace and spiritual development.

Seeking Liberation and Moksha

Swami Narayan’s Guru keep the followers to the right path a moksha, which means the end of the life cycle. He believed that the highest salvation that is accessible to a human being can be obtained by focusing all efforts into serving God, accepting discipline over one’s self and seeking spiritual wisdom. Through abandoning ones earthly cravings and putting the ego aside, the happiness of forever is now achievable, and the oneness with divinity is restored.

Practice of Gratitude and satisfied living.

In last, Bhadvanarayan Bhagwan impart timeless knowledge and directions that are the main tools for living life purposeful and meaningful. The practice of ahimsa, dharma, bhakti, and seva complete each other. Therefore, the practitioner would attain calmness, harmony and realization of the ultimate goal of life. Nagarjuna was a wonderful example of someone whose light shone through for his disciples, hence following his footsteps since then. As we recall and prayfully reciprocate the refreshing realizations our beloved Bhagwan imparted in us, let us make it our insincere intention to life with appreciation, humility, and contentment enjoying friendships and happiness in our way.


The philosophy of Swaminarayan Bhagwan spreads an elaborate blanket of sacred knowledge, virtue principles, and lifestyle advice that is a stepping stone to the path of truth and happiness. Among the foundational principles of ahima and compassion to the practices of devotion, self-renunciation, and uprightness, Swaminarayan Bhagwan’s message reverberates within the soul of sincere seekers and embraces those in search of contentment. Through faithfully and devotedly following the Sages advice, we consequently can create a connection to the inner peace, the spiritual world enlightenment, and the soul. Therefore, it is we the followers who must persevere and shoulder the burden of carrying forward the noble legacy of Swaminarayan Gurukul Rajkot Sansthan with honesty, dedication and adherence to the time-tested principles that he so gloriously instilled in us.

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