Designing a new-age medical center for the new-age patients


The process of medical centre interior design requires not only expertise in visualising the space to be designed but also in selecting non-hazardous, patient-friendly materials. In a medical centre, the patients are only one group of stakeholders.  We also have doctors, nurses, and administration staff, all of whom should be comfortable in the medical centre area. However, the utmost comfort should be given to the suffering patients. If something is comfortable for the patients, it is also comfortable for all others who will visit the medical centre.

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Nuances to pay attention to when designing a medical centre

To design the best medical centre areas, interior designers have to pay attention to the details and complete structure of the medical clinic interior. The interior should not be cluttered or have unnecessary design or distractions. The number one priority in a medical centre amenity is its functionality. The atmosphere should be patient-friendly but should not be indulgent.

Comfortable waiting areas- the waiting area of the medical centre is the first place where a patient and his family will stay. The waiting area is where a lot of anxious people will gather. These people could be our patients, friends and family of those who were admitted. To ease the anxiety of the people and create a calming atmosphere, the waiting area should be comfortable. The medical centre interior design team should use soothing, calming colours like yellow and baby blue to create a quiet atmosphere in the waiting area. The different parts of the waiting area should be accessible and should have ample sitting furniture.

Efficient layout- When designing the medical centre interior, the team also has to take an overall look at the layout. The layout of the entire clinic or hospital should be such that the pathways are clear and do not collide with each other. The departments and rooms should be organised in a pattern that helps doctors reach them as soon as possible. The layout should also pay attention to safety guidelines that are mandatory for a medical centre establishment. The layout should also include ramps, lifts and other accessibility modifications so that patients can move around the building despite their condition. The reception desks, help centres and nurse stations should be planned for accessibility and ease of navigation.

Cleanliness is foremost- In a medical centre, each inch of the space should be cleaned and sanitised often. Once the medical interior is complete, the team should just hand over the space. The sanitisation process is not the responsibility of the interior design team. However, when designing the space and the medical-grade furniture, the team has to include medical-grade metal and fabrics so that sanitisation will be easy in the future. The materials that are to be used should be easy to wash and clean. The materials should also be skin-friendly and non-hazardous.


The above details have to be taken care of when investing in medical centre interior design. If you are setting up a new medical centre, you should hire an interior design team that is well experienced in the design process of any scale of the medical centre. The medical centre design should be conducive to patients and healthcare professionals. The centre should have all the amenities needed by the patient and his family members, and the atmosphere should be calming and sensitive.

AI Republic is one of the top interior design firms in Melbourne, and it has designed numerous medical centers in Melbourne and other Australian cities. With its contribution to medical interior design, AI Republic wishes to support Australia’s healthcare industry.


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