Top Interior Design Trends Aussies Love in 2022


Interior designs tend to leave us in awe very often. That’s especially true when they bring back an unexpected blast from the past or start promoting new, unexpected trends. If you’re planning to embark on an interior design journey in 2022 and redecorate your home completely, you’ve come to the right place to look for inspiration. Today, we bring some of the hottest 2022 interior design trends that Aussie designers swear by.

Nature all around

The pandemic taught us that spending time in nature is precious. So, in 2022 interior designers are promoting the idea of bringing the outdoors inside. Fill your home with houseplants and expand the windows to feel closer to the outdoors. The larger the windows, the smaller the visual barrier between you and the outdoors. Hole-y monstera, a sweetheart plant, snake plants and fiddle leaf fig trees are some of the plant examples perfect for any interior.

Sustainable décor and fabrics

In 2022 the major emphasis will be on sustainability. We’re seeing it in the fashion industry, and we’re finally seeing it in interior design. According to Australian designers, we’ll be seeing everything from organic fabrics to natural light. Not to mention the open-floor plan space that allows so much more versatility in a home. Sustainable building materials and window placements are just some of the perfect ways to minimise the use of too much heating and cooling throughout the year. Shop smart for furniture and décor, as well as towels, rugs and mats. Go for eco-friendly fabrics to follow the 2022 interior design trend.

Multifunctional rooms

With open-floor plans came multifunctional spaces. The idea of no visual barriers between rooms is now shifting to every room individually. Namely, the idea of one room serving only one purpose is now a thing of the past. Dining rooms are now serving dual purpose as offices too, just as living rooms are. The need to start working remotely quickly made us rethink interior design needs and brought the trend of multifunctional rooms. Redecorate the bedroom and add the office desk and a chair alongside your electronics. Do you have enough electric sockets and light to support all that? Don’t engage in any electric project before consulting an expert electrician first.

Bringing back the ‘70s

It seems like every year we see a déjà vu, and it’s no different in 2022. Warm neutral tones, alongside moss green and vibrant orange, are the ultimate colour trends that the 1970s introduced and will reintroduce in 2022. Check out antique stores, thrift stores and garage sales to catch some of the iconic items from the disco era. Look online for vintage furniture pieces or you can find a well equipped fabric store if you like the idea of the ’70s back in your home.

Minimalism will prevail

We have to notice that 2022 will also be the year of contrast. On the one hand, we have the vibrant ’70s, and on the other hand, we have minimalism. If you ever wanted to declutter your home, now’s the best time. Get rid of anything unnecessary and make room only for the essential focal items. Forget about the variety of materials, and limit your choices to as few as possible. Adding interest is always best with contrasting colours and patterns. Clean white walls, black or beige furniture and a carpet to match is all you need to build a foundation for your minimalistic interior design.

2022 came as a hope to a better tomorrow where we’ll rediscover ourselves and our wishes. With that came a few new and a few recycled trends to match the ever-needed growing popularity of eco-awareness. Decorate your home with the help of 2022 interior design trends to make it the trendiest one in Australia.