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Wish to make your job quite easier and convenient? The rapid growth of technology is beneficial for people around the world. Who ignores the advanced features in this busy life schedule? No one! Watching movies is one of the best hobbies for the people that assist them to come out of their worries and tension faced in their routine. Standing in a long queue at the theatres is frustrating which makes you get tense more, Right? Filmyhit website has the advanced features of the internet has come up with a wide gamut of torrent websites to stream online and download your favorites at your comfort zone. There is no need to wait for a long time to enjoy your favorites now; and everything is available at your handy mobile phones.

Among a range of websites, filmyhit is one of the leading notorious websites, which has been highly widely accessed by the users from all corners of the world. The netizens have to keep on engaging at the filmyhit plus website to get their favorite Bollywood, Punjabi movies instantly at zero cost. In this tight schedule, no one is ready to spend their valuable money on their entertainment and so they started to spend their free time at filmyhit movie website. Even though there are numerous movies have been listed at this portal the filmyhit Punjabi is quite popular and familiar among the users.

The users are feeling convenient to access and download their favorites within a few clicks. This is the time to get rid off of all your stress and worries and enjoy your movies at the filmyhit sale website without wasting even a single penny from your account.

Brief About Filmyhit in Website

Filmyhit live website is one of the leading pirated websites that leaks lots and lots of illegal content over the internet today. The movies and TV series listed at this portal are admiring that induces the users to download it at zero cost. Leaking the pirated contents is illegal but the users are not ready to consider the serious offense stand behind that. The Indian government has kept on searching for the advanced level technology to eradicate such kinds of the torrent website over the internet. Filmyhit online movies impress the audiences all over the world and it will result in loss of the world’s box office collection. The moviemakers and production houses are meeting huge numbers of serious problems that tend to meet millions of losses.

The contents displayed over this filmyhit work website are alluring and this might also a reason for impressing the users. There is a wide range of movies from different languages’ are spread over this website such as filmyhit bollywood movies, filmyhit hindi movies, filmyhit south movies, filmyhit Hollywood hindi dubbed movies, filmyhit bollywood movies 2019 and more. It uploads the movies even before its legal announcement date that overwhelms the audiences to watch it.

It doesn’t introduce any rules and restrictions for the audiences and so they can access and get their target results anywhere and anytime. There are lots of proxy websites that have been available under the name of the filmyhit home website that safeguards during the sudden announcement of the Indian government. In that serious case, the proxy websites are used to leak the pirated content as well to the users and make them enthusiastic.

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Any Criminal Charges Filed On Filmyhit Website? 

Luckily, no criminal charges are faced by these pirated websites. But in fact, the website keeps on leaking the pirated contents illegally. The movie contents flooded on this website are alluring that stimulates the audiences to get their favorites at zero cost. The government of India has seriously taken against such kinds of ill-famed portals to save the moviemakers and production houses from a big loss.

Get the Hosting Details Of Website

Domain Name:

Name Servers:

Web Server Location: United States

IP Addresses:,,

How The Movies At Filmyhit Website Are Arranged? 

The movies listed at this portal are overwhelming that the users need only a few clicks to reach their targets. For improving your convenience, the contents at this platform are categorized into numerous sections to identify their favorites within a few minutes. However, you don’t need any skills and efficiency to access and download the movies at the filmyhit website. The movies are split into the filmyhit Hollywood, filmyhit hindi, filmyhit Punjabi movie 2018, filmyhit 2019,  Punjabi movie 2019, likewise. And so you don’t want to take much worry to get into this filmy hit ninja website that is designed with user-friendly options and make everyone satisfied. Get the categorize lists of filmy hit website to make your job easier.

  • New South Indian Movies
  • New Hindi Movies
  • Movies By Parts
  • DC Extended universe all movies in Hindi
  • Marvel Movies List Hindi
  • Cartoon/Animation Dub in Hindi
  • Hollywood Movies in Hindi Dub
  • +18 Hot Web Series List

Grab The Movies List Of Filmyhit Site

The movie list at a yearly-wise arrangement is more convenient, right? And so the contents at filmyhit info are sectioned into the year of released movies. It is quite helpful for users to get their targets as much as easier. You can avail of the contents easily via the search such as filmyhit 2017, filmyhit online 2018, filmyhit online 2019, filmyhit 2018, filmyhit hindi movie 2019, filmyhit new Punjabi movie 2019, filmyhit bollywood 2019, etc. Continue your reading to note down the lists of movies that you can find at the filmy hit website.

Punjabi Movies List 2019

  • Munda Farikotia
  • Unni Ikki
  • Dakka
  • Naukar Vahuti Da
  • Mitran Nu Shaunk Hathyaran da
  • Amaanat
  • Ardaas 2 Karaan
  • Laiye Je Yaarian
  • Ishqaa
  • Mool Mantar
  • Jhalle
  • Sikander 2

Bollywood Movies List

  • Pareeksha (2020)
  • Raat Akeli Hai (2020)
  • Shakuntala Devi (2020)
  • Mubarakan (2017)
  • The Song of Scorpions (2017)
  • Virgin Bhanupriya (2020)
  • Kasganj (2019)
  • Genius (2018)
  • Force 2 (2016)
  • Delhi Belly (2011)
  • Government 3 (2017)
  • Axone (2019)
  • Yaaram (2019)
  • Kaamyaab (2018)
  • Penalty (2019)

2017 to 2020 Collections of

  • Churails (2020) Hindi
  • Kazhugu 2 (2019) Hindi Dubbed
  • Jagga Jagravan Joga (2020) Punjabi
  • Nadhoo Khan (2019) Punjabi
  • Jindari (2018) Punjabi
  • Avengers Endgame (2019) Hindi Dubbed
  • Deadpool 2 (2018) Hindi Dubbed
  • Thor Ragnarok (2017) Hindi Dubbed
  • The Lion King (2019) Hindi Dubbed
  • Cars 3 (2017) Hindi Dubbed
  • Stree (2018) Hindi
  • Julie 2 (2017) Hindi
  • Bala (2019) Hindi

Keys to download movies from is a popular disreputable online platform with numerous collections of Hindi dubbed movies and Punjabi movies. This is a user-friendly website for the users to access the movies easily and they no need any added skills or technical knowledge to get their favorite movies. The filmy hit movie download website is quite simple and easy for the netizens to get their favorite movies without any frustration. To get added information to download your favorite from filmyhit free download website, follow the lines below,

This filmyhit download is an open-source web portal so feel gratis to open the main website; the trending movies thumbnails will be displayed as well. If you need to choose movie categories to scroll the page down and you can find those in the left panel and select the respective link. It will get you into the next page and select your favorite movie and click thumbnail. Here you can found your favorite movie details like Movie name, story, castings, and duration of the film, etc. Below these, you can get a download option to download the movie.

Estimated Worth Of Filmyhit Website

Based on, the filmyhit home website has crossed the estimated value such as the US $ 7,404. The worth of the website has been evaluated by considering the ranking data and public traffic of the particular website. In the recent report, the contents leaked via the filmy hit website seriously affect the box collection worldwide. There might have a chance to meet the fluctuations in the website value based on the visitors’ range. The advertising revenue and the number of visitors annually for this website are US $ 8,640 and 605,160.

Is Filmyhit Website Legal? 

Filmyhit website is leaking the pirated contents illegally over the internet. You cannot say that the portal is a legal one. The main theme of this website is to upload the movies and Web series even before its legal announcement dates. It causes serious impacts to box office collection and the moviemakers have a situation to face huge numbers of impacts in their routine. They keep on requesting the government to eliminate those in-famous websites from the internet. The torrent websites have been started to make use of the advanced technologies and create duplicate websites to escape from the sight of government. So, the users have a chance to get the content in many ways.


We at filmyhit are here to explain the negative impacts behind the use of torrent websites. Most users are still unknown about the serious offense of accessing and downloading the contents on the illegitimate website. The aforementioned information is only to create awareness among the audiences who are streaming online and downloading the contents at no cost. So, be a good citizen and stand behind the Indian government to give your support.