Three Hobbies to Take into Your Home in 2022


For everyone around the world, this has been a difficult two years. The pandemic has forced us to adjust to a home-based existence, with many of the facilities, amenities, and hobby locations we once loved closed for months on end. But on the flip-side, it has also encouraged many of us to see the beauty in our interior worlds, enjoying long days pursuing new hobbies like reading, painting, and crafting at home. So while there are plenty of reasons to head outside in the coming months, there are, too, reasons to stay in – bringing the following hobbies back into your home.

Motor Racing 

There are millions of motor-heads across the world who love nothing better than to get out on the track in a go-kart or racing car to try their hand at a few timed laps. Some even race, taking their hobby to the next level by making things competitive with other driving and motor vehicles lovers. With these now reopening, there’s an excitement that this hobby can be picked back up. But it can also be pursued from home.

You’ll be able to do this if you invest in a full video game driving setup with one of the major providers – Xbox or PlayStation. They have everything on offer, from the driver’s seat to the gear stick and steering wheel, so that you can properly feel as if you’re out on track while within the confines of your home.

Panning For Gold 

It’s far to say that there are fewer regular gold panners in the world – it’s something that few are lucky enough to experience in the wilderness. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick up this hobby yourself, thanks to companies that ship your a bag of dirt that may well contain those sparkling nuggets of gold that prospectors love to unearth.

One such firm is Irwin’s Paydirt, where buying gold pay dirt is a breeze. Getting it delivered to your home – as a treat for your family – is exciting, but so is finding your first nugget. From that point, you could keep it safe at home or have it made into an item of jewelry.


With studios closed and most outdoor yoga classes suspended for the duration of the pandemic, many people found it difficult to adjust and perform yoga from home. Some simply don’t have the space within their interiors; others found it difficult to perform when they had no instructor to lead them.

Happily, this was recognized by most yoga instructors, who are now more than happy to hop onto a Zoom call with other clients to lead a session. Or you can take one that’s been pre-recorded on YouTube, which will help you structure each session. Buy the yoga gear you need to perform from home, make some space and time for yourself in the day, and pursue this wonderful hobby from home in the coming weeks and months.

Your home is somewhere safe and comfortable – but it’s also where you can reinvest in those hobbies you may have dropped when the pandemic hit.