Useful Guide to Most Popular Australian Interior Design Styles


In the past two years, we not only spend more time at home than ever but also invested in our environments and did our best to make them cosy, safe and beautiful. If your house is still not where you want it to be design-wise, here are a few decorating styles Oz is going crazy for—incorporate a few into your home in 2022.


There are no surprises here—we yearn for nature and need it in our lives one way or another. With lockdowns and different health concerns, it might be safer to seek nature inside our own houses. By introducing biophilic elements into your home, you can maintain a connection with Mother Earth every second of every day. When it comes to architecture, let plenty of sunshine and fresh air inside. And when it comes to décor, think raw timber, stone and, of course, a lot of plants, flowers and foliage (even paintings and prints can allow the benefits of biophilia inside).

Curvy silhouettes

It’s true that sharp clean lines of modern furniture will always be popular, but in 2022, we can expect to see some curves taking the spotlight and softening the furniture. Curved edges, wavy shapes and feminine softness will rise to the top this year. The goal of the designers here was to unify function and form and create refined pieces of artsy furniture. Today, buyers are looking to invest in pieces that come with plenty of comfort, but also interest, fun and sophistication.

Home bars

To have fun, you don’t necessarily have to hit the biggest bar in Sydney, but simply have a drink at your personal bar. Our homes are used to being flexed into different spaces from home offices to classrooms, restaurants, cinemas, and now, bars. You can go big with an island and bar chairs or small with a cute nook where you hold drinks and cocktail necessities, but make sure to strike just the right aesthetic. You will probably need some extra ambient and task lighting but finding a level 2 electrician in Sydney or other bigger cities is not an issue. Professionals are necessary for installing new light and other fixtures, especially if you want your bar to look smooth, relaxing and classy. Even though we can maybe see the end of the pandemic on the horizon, this is a trend that’s here to stay.

Abundance of texture

If you’re recovering from minimalist trends from the past, here’s a good way to add depth, interest and layers to even the most neutral of colours and decors—boost texture! In 2022, the more texture, the better. Homeowners will be free to experiment with velvet, boucle, but also woven fabrics and natural sisal. If you love your minimalist space and are not yet ready to give up relaxing neutrals, you can simply refresh the vibe with textural pieces that will add warmth, softness and creativity to your home.

Stripes and squares

They have started to make themselves more prominent by the end of 2021, but in 2022, stripes and checks will dominate the market big time. From the psychological standpoint, we might be looking for ways to add structure into our lives, but from the design standpoint—these patterns are simply stylish and interesting. And one of the best things about stripes and checks is that you can incorporate them into any space through simple touches like cushions, throws, towels, bedding, art, rugs, etc. This trend is very contemporary and fresh, but also timeless and very fun to look at. Plus, it works in any room and with any interior design style.

The foyer of first impressions

If you’re ready to host again, it’s time to boost your first impressions and dazzle your guests from the second they step into your home. The best way to leave people speechless is a perfectly-styled foyer. For 2022, make sure your foyer has some fun by treating it to gorgeous rugs, vintage furniture, a perfectly-curated library, bold art, lush greenery and designer mirrors. Make sure to include some unusual seating that will serve as a focal point and surround it with one or two interesting yet useful items—it will set the entire vibe of your home.

Ready for a 2022 home makeover? You don’t have to go all-in with renovations, but make sure to learn from these Australian interior design trends for this year and include one or two in your house to break the monotony and breathe new life into your design.