Fulfill Your Long-Term Dreams At 9xrockers By Watching Your Favorite Movies


9xrockers is a notorious website that leaks the pirated contents illegally. The site covers different languages of films and TV shows before the date of official release and it might cause huge losses to the production houses. The website does not have any legal approval or certifications for leaking the copyrighted contents. Here, the audience can watch movies online and download them easily. They are permitted to download any type of movie at 9xrockers in at zero cost. The audiences might feel comfortable to access this platform, which is incorporated with a user-friendly interface. In the fast-paced world, people wish to make their job convenient and comfortable at a reduced cost, and they are really frustrated to stand and wait in a long queue to get the cinema tickets.

To overcome such irritating moments, they have started to use the internet to download and watch the 9xrockers 2020 movies, 9xrockers 2019 movies, and more at no cost. Read the following lines to grasp a detailed view of the 9xrockers website.

What You Need To Know About 9xrockers?

9xrockers are quite popular among the netizens where they can download the recent release of pirated content such as TV serials, movies, and more trending videos. They don’t want to pay any cost for downloading the movies in HD format. It is completely free and so the audiences from various locations are accessing this infamous website to spend their free time on watching the latest Tamil and Hollywood movies. The movies arranged at 9xrockers pw are really comfortable to access.

They are divided into different categories such as 9xrockers Telugu dubbed movies, 9xrockers Telugu 2019 movies, 9xrockers Malayalam movies, 9xrockers Hindi movies, and so far. From the perspective of the government, running torrent websites is an unlawful act and they seriously worked to ban these platforms completely. 9xrockers is one of them, but the users are impressed by its features and video quality. The usage of this website is increasing day-by-day to download the movies in Tamil, English, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, etc.

The domain names are frequently changed because the government of India keeps on blocking such public piracy websites to prevent internet users. But the audiences never stop downloading movies from 9xrockers even though they are well-known about the legal problems and issues. If you cannot download the movies and TV shows at 9xrockers.co then try the given links that surely works well:

  • 9xrockers world
  • 9xrockers icu
  • 9xrockers com
  • 9xrockers site
  • 9xrockers in
  • 9xrockers viz
  • 9xrockers trade

Meet Any Criminal Charges?

Till now, the 9xrockers website does not meet any criminal charges for the publishing of pirated contents illegally. But it comes under the list of the illicit act and the government has strongly believed that the 9xrockers website is doing a big crime against moviemakers. It greatly affects the box-office collection and takes the people to meet huge losses in their career. Such kinds of activities are really punishable and they request the government to block these pirated platforms.

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Hosting Details Of 9xrockers Website

  • Domain IP:
  • Server Location: Ashburn, United States
  • IP Hostname: ec2-3-214-180-250.compute-1.amazonaws.com

Categories of 9xrockers Movies list

The movies at 9xrockers are categorized into different sections that can be accessed by the users to watch online and download the movies. The list of the section may vary from time to time if the website may get blocked or deleted by the government. Once the website is removed, then it takes some time to reconstruct it. After the completion of all rearrangements, the users are able to download the movies as well. They want to meet or surf more on the website to find your required content. Just click on the options and get the movies at free of cost.

However, the users are supposed to keep their personal details safe and secure while accessing such websites. And they strongly believe that the 9xrockers website is highly comfortable to use as per their needs. Some list of movies sections are mentioned here:

  • Tamil Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Pakistani Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Kannada Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • TV Series
  • Hindi Movies

Find The Lists Of Movies At 9xrockers Website

The 9xrockers website is accessed via multiple domains if one gets blocked. The users never get disappointed with the services offered by domains of the 9xrockers website. You just need to click on the options of 9xrockers Hindi movies download, 9xrockers Malayalam 2019 movies download, and vice versa. Hereafter, you don’t want to waste your valuable time and money at the theatres’ entrance, just get into the 9xrockers site and choose any one of your required options that are listed as 9xrockers Telugu movies, Tamil movies, and more. Few movies lists are mentioned in the further lines:

  • Brand Babu (Hindi, 2019)
  • Mission Kashmir (2000)
  • Anna (English, 2019)
  • Jamai 2.0 (2019)
  • Accepted (2006, Dual Audio Hindi)
  • Game of Thrones (2011, Hindi)
  • Scourge (Dual Audio Hindi, 2008)
  • Donnie Brasco (1997, Hindi)
  • The Lunchbox (2013, Romantic Hindi Movie)
  • Utraan (2020, Tamil)
  • Penguin (2020, Tamil)
  • Magamuni (2019, Tamil)

Guide To Download The Movies At 9xrockers vin

As you think, it is not a cumbersome task to download the pirated contents of the 9xrockers site. The blockbuster movies, as well as the recently released movies, are engaged at this site. A Smartphone with a faster internet connection is quite essential to access this website. The users also have the option of using 9xrockers application to download their required movies and more pirated content.

The access has been granted to the users to surf the website and get the movies as per their requirements. Currently, the audiences have widely accessed the links at 9xrockers website are 9xrockers 2017 Telugu movies download, 9xrockers Kannada movies downloading, and 9xrockers 2018 Telugu dubbed movies. 

Get Down The Movies Lists Of 9xrockers.in

The movies displayed at the 9xrockers are enchanting that encourages them to download and watch it. All you need to do is click down the movies list and choose one of your favorites to start the download. The list of movies is sectioned via languages wise and some of the examples are given below for your reference:

9xrockers Hindi Movies List

  • The Cult (2020)
  • Maaza Bani Saaza (2020)
  • Mucky (2020)
  • RangManch (2020)
  • Mission Azad (2019)
  • Escape from Uganda (2020)
  • Gundello Godari (2020)

9xrockers Hollywood Movies List

  • Homeless Ashes (2019)
  • Drive Me to the End (2020)
  • 1 Interrogation (2020)
  • The fidding horse (2019)
  • Run with The Hunted (2020)

Telugu Movies List At 9xrockers Site

  • Run (2020)
  • Tholu Bommalata (2019)
  • Prema Janta (2019)
  • Lovers Day (Oru Adaar Love, 2020)
  • Krishna and His Leela (2020)

What Is The Estimated Worth Of 9xrockers Site?

The worth of the website is calculated and announced by WorthofWeb.com. During this process, public traffic and ranking data of the 9xrockers site play a major role in it. At present, the estimated worth of the 9xrockers.vin website is US $1,182 and 92,880 visitors from different places are accessing this website. The gradual increases in audience range will also tend to increase the losses of box-office collection results in flopping of movies.

Is This 9xrockers Is A Legal Website?

The website, which leaks the pirated contents is not said to be a legal one. There are incredible numbers of torrent websites that have been engaged on the internet today that are quite harmful to the netizens and movie production houses. Everyone has a responsibility to follow the rules published by the government as well as to stand against the malware activities instead of supporting them.


Leaking public piracy content is a crime and we don’t have any aim to support it. The aforementioned content is only to display the actual incidents happening in the current world. Apart from that, there is no nothing. The audiences need to stay safe or else using such pirated websites will tend to meet a wide range of legal problems in the future. Make use of this information and keep away from such kinds of websites.