5 Advantages Of Mobility Scooters


Many people are less than eager to own a mobility scooter. For them, it can symbolize issues associated with getting older, losing independence, or draw attention to an injury.

Indeed, for many people, the ownership and use of a mobility scooter can highlight ageing. This could be seen as a step in the wrong direction, especially if you were an active person who got around your hometown without issue.

But this is a somewhat biased view to hold. Many people own mobility scooters, and they provide an easy and safe way for them to get around without having to use walking aids or pain relief.

In the following article, the advantages of mobility scooters will be explored, along with some background information on these devices and how they have changed the world for many disabled people (or those who find walking difficult).

What are mobility scooters?

So, what are classified as mobility scooters? They are an electronic device that is larger than an electrical wheelchair, and visually, they resemble a vehicle akin to a motorbike (but they usually have two wheels on the back). They are usually battery-powered and are chargeable. Some options may be motorized and need petrol, though these are heavy and often expensive to operate.

There are many types of mobility scooter available. Want to test one before buying? Search for mobility scooters for hire in Sydney to see how you feel about them.

So, with mobility scooters defined, it is time to move onto the advantages of them:

Getting about is easy

The most obvious advantage of owning a mobility scooter is that it will be easier for you to get around—even if you are heading out to a museum, for example. The majority of public spaces have ramps, so you will be able to gain access to buildings that you may not have been able to visit before. Do you want to go further afield? Public transport is an option, which may have once been daunting; but once again, buses and trains offer ramps for people who have mobility scooters—allowing you to get on and off without hassle. You can visit family or friends who you may have been unable to see due to your problems with walking.

Mobility scooters have a functional advantage, too. You will be able to hang any purchases bought while out onto your scooter, meaning you won’t have to carry them.

They are a source of independence

Along with getting around with ease comes independence. You will no longer have to do your shopping in bits and pieces, or rely on other people to do it for you.

Furthermore, a mobility scooter also offers you the ability to make your own choices about where you visit, how often you go out, and when you go out. You can also use your mobility scooter to store products purchased on days out, thus heightening your independence.

They prevent injury

Many people who find walking difficult fear becoming injured—especially if you use a walking stick. Sticks can provide an aid to making walking easier, but they are prone to being dropped and can heighten your chances of falling over—as can walking frames or Zimmer frames. Wheelchairs are more robust, but they can be harder to control.

A mobility scooter is easy to climb onto. It allows you to sit comfortably while controlling the direction you take the scooter in. They are also slim so they can fit into most shops, and they have variable seat adjustments so you can alter the height in the same way as a push-bike.

If you are wobbly on your feet, then these can offer you a simple way to get through crowds without the fear of being knocked over.

They are comfortable

Following on from the previous section, walking sticks help many people to get around, but the constant pressure on the hand can become tiresome, potentially causing calluses and sores. This can be a greater problem if you have thin skin or other health conditions associated with bruising, so a mobility scooter alleviates these issues. You will be sitting on it, the handles that are guiding the scooter are cushioned, plus, you don’t have to hold on to them to keep yourself up right.

Do you have arthritis or other uncomfortable conditions? If so, a mobility scooter makes going out easier to manage, as you will not need to take pain relief before leaving home. Mobility scooters also prevent muscle soreness and joint inflammation in the days following a trip.

Improved social life

A key concern that many people who are disabled have is losing out on their social life. A mobility scooter allows you the freedom to visit friends for a chat, or even go out on day trips. They can also be useful on longer trips such as visiting friends and family on the other side of the country. Therefore, you will not be stuck indoors anymore.

Long distance? No problem!

Do you have friends who want to meet you on the other side of town? If you don’t have money for bus fare or a taxi this could cause an issue, but a mobility scooter allows you to travel long distances without costing a penny.

Mobility scooters can travel at around 4 mph. This allows you to plan your journey from home using your scooter as a means of transportation. So, you can attend doctors’ appointments, visit friends, or go for coffee without having to spend money on public transport or private taxis.

These are just some of the advantages of having a mobility scooter in your life. For many, this tool has helped them to regain independence lost through injury or ageing. They offer a solution for loneliness or concerns around attending doctors’ appointments, too. If you are unsure if a mobility scooter is for you, why not try renting one? You can see how you get on with it for a lower cost, and then you can decide if this is a purchase that you would like to make.