Tips for Choosing the Right Embossing Stamps


Embossing is a thick type of paper, and it creates raised and slightly textured images on cardstock. The designs of embossing are intricate, often time-consuming, and painstaking. If you are looking for embossing stamps, then you must consider certain types of embossing techniques that you want to use. Also, the artist needs to understand how much time is required to spend on the working project.

Embossing Stamps

Types of embossing

When planning to purchase custom embossing stamps, make sure you have a good idea about the types of embossing. There are various types of embossing, such as:

  • Blind emboss:

Usually, a blind emboss is not registered to stamped or a printed image with a foil combination. Here, you can see the image color is very similar to the paper color.

  • Combo embosses:

An embossed image that is stamped with foil is considered to be a combo emboss.

  • Registered emboss:

A registered emboss is considered an embossed image, which usually registers to a foil or a printed stamped image.

  • Glazing embosses:

This type of embosses appears to have a polished look. The glazing embossed uses light-colored papers to scorch and a very high temperature to make a change in the paper’s color.

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Types of embossing techniques

One of the most important factors that you need to check is the types of embossing techniques. Basically, there are two types of embossing techniques that include dry and wet techniques. The wet embossing technique involves a stamp that is coated in embossing ink; stamp the image print onto the paper, and on top of it, you can sprinkle the embossing powder. Usually, the powder used to get heated by the artist to fuse it into a raised and shiny design.

On the other hand, the simple technique is used for the dry one. The dry embossing technique involves stamping an image print on the cardstock piece and placing the image on a light desk facing down. After that, the image gets traced by the artist by using styles and making it beautiful by giving it a texture.

  • Designs:

Designs are the most important factor that you need to consider while making a decision regarding custom embossing stamps. You can find huge ranges of designs and styles in Embossing Stamps, depending on your requirements. There are some of the typical designs associated with these stamps include geometric shapes, thick letters, hearts, cameos, animal silhouettes, etc. If you are a beginner, then you must go for choosing the typical embossing stamp with a simple and blocky design.


When talking about simple designs, it can be referred to the wet embossing, which usually takes much less time to identify as compared to intricate designs. Many beginners used to do practice on leaves, animals, and flowers before shifting to human images and stippled buildings. There are many embossing stamp designs that are complicated, as many tiny details have been traced by the artist.

  • Collection of Embossing Stamps

As you are a beginner at choosing the embossing stamps, you need to check different collections of stamps and try to identify which is suitable for your needs. There are many service providers who offer huge collections of embossing stamps, such as Deluxe Cast Desk Embosser Gold, CGS Premium Embosser, Extra Long Reach Embosser, and CGS Embosser Additional Die Set, Heavy Duty Embosser, StampStore Medium Reach Embosser, and many others. You can go through all the features and designs and choose the most trendy one for you.

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