Top tips to a post break up comeback


If you have recently had your heart broken or are even just feeling a little on the sad side since separating from your latest love interest, you will need to find yourself a way to have a fresh comeback! Not that you weren’t already brilliant before, but a breakup is a chance to self-reflect and refocus on yourself. Through self-reflection, you can consider whether you are reaching all the goals that you wish to achieve, evaluate the status of your self-esteem and the balance in your life overall. This is your action plan to feeling rejuvenated in no time at all.

A new look

Whether it is a new haircut, a new wardrobe or something completely different. There is nothing wrong with changing your look and having some fun with your appearance. You may want to make temporary changes like changing your hairstyle or take a step to change something in your appearance that has bothered you for a while. Examples of this could be cosmetic surgery or (increasingly common) dental work. It is easy to get information about simple dental procedures on websites like where you can find out what the potential options are for your specific situation.

Changing your look for the short or long term can be a brilliant way to lift your spirits, as it provides a feeling that you are being rebuilt as an updated version of yourself. You can also use a fresh look to project an image in your mind that you want to grow into. For example, perhaps you want to change your clothes, footwear and cosmetics, to make you look more feminine, because you want to become more in tune with your femininity and project this feeling to others.


Exercise is an obvious (though not always easy) choice to make you feel more positive. Exercise is going to help you achieve the rocking body that you might be looking for, or at least sustain the sexy physique you already have. Too long lying about being sad is not going to be any good for keeping your body looking ripped. Of course, you will also benefit from releasing the feel-good endorphins released when exercising, making you feel happier and reducing stress. 150 to 300 minutes of exercise per week is recommended to get well-rounded health benefits. Even if you start small, it is still a step in the right direction. There are plenty of supportive apps and clubs that you can join to get your exercise journey started and sustained for the long term.

The simple action of sustaining your exercise routine or creating one from scratch, will also show your ex and everyone else that you are doing well, and looking to move on to better things. Show them all that you can still do a 10K run and hold your head up high, in a relationship or not.


Being single again, has a lot of benefits! You are not tied to a partner who may have (intentionally or not) created restrictions on your time and activities. There are likely to be things that you had wished you could do or places you wish you could go, if it were not for that pesty ex that was always getting in the way of these things. You may wish to study something new, work in a more interesting environment or travel throughout the world as a wild and free singleton.

You never know how long single life is going to last, because new relationships tend to be unexpected. Grabbing your opportunity for whatever form of adventure applies to you, is imperative to taking control over your new, exciting, independent life! A good step to start you off on your new adventure is to write down a bucket list of things you want to do by certain points after your breakup. For example, after six months, you may want to do a celebratory sky dive to appreciate your single journey and be proud of your progress in coming back better than ever before.


Do not sweat it if you are feeling down in the dumps, practice self-care swiftly and frequently and you will recover much faster as an independent individual. Having a post break up comeback is about your happiness fundamentally and loving yourself is essential to feeling content and knowing that you do not need to rely on any one person or relationship. When you can love yourself and know that you are worthy of a good relationship and a happy future, you will not only feel great but positivity will radiate from you and you will stand out in the crowd as a stronger, sexier person. New potential lovers will soon be lining up to get to know you, but you will have the self-worth to only spend your time with those that are worthy.
Some examples of self-care that you could try, include a pampering session, a night out dancing or an amazing holiday! You do not have to do these things solo either. If you have friends that wish to join in on your activities, and it makes you feel more comfortable, it will not stop your aims for self-care as your friends can support you to enjoy yourself and just relax a little. Equally, your self-care routine could be completely different to the norm, it all depends on what works for you.

Overall, there are plenty of ways to show that you are still very much whole after a breakup, and plenty of support options available across your friends and family, mental health experts and internet or Facebook forums. The most important thing is a rounded approach that includes everything, you need to feel physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual recuperation after a big break up, as it is likely that it has affected your entire life, mood, and physical choices. Whether you end up finding someone new or stay on your own, you should not waste an opportunity to build yourself into someone even more spectacular!