The Ultimate Start to Finish Wedding Checklist


Planning your wedding does not have to be an overwhelming experience; if you work through a checklist and keep to deadlines, you will be able to focus on the enjoyment. Your checklist may vary depending on your preferences for your big day and whether you will be taking on all the responsibility of planning or passing it onto a professional, but this general guide will set you off in the right direction.

12 Months Before

Set the Date

You cannot book anything until you decide on the day you want to get married, so first and foremost you should be considering your ideal date, and it might be worth having a backup in case of limited availability at your dream venue.

Decide on Whether or Not You Will Plan Your Own Wedding

Whilst some couples opt for doing all the planning together, others enjoy handing over the pressure to someone with expertise in the industry.

Choose and Notify Your Guests

To prevent your guest list falling short on the day due to other commitments, get ahead with writing to your guest list so that they can save the date.

Venue Touring and Booking

Some bookings are made several years in advance (depending on demand) so it is beneficial to start your search for the venue of your dreams before getting set on other details.

Appoint your Bridesmaids, Best Men, and Ushers

Once you have started engaging in wedding planning, you should be aware of who will play an important role in your important day. Having the wedding party get hands-on with the tasks you are struggling to get done might help to take some weight off your shoulders.

Book All Other Aspects of the Wedding!

You will want to meet with your minister or registrar, and get booking the entertainment, catering, a florist, a car (search up wedding car hire London, for example), and even your honeymoon.

Consider Wedding Insurance

If you want to protect your money in case of damage on your wedding day, you can consider taking out wedding insurance.

9 Months Before

Create the Invitations

Once you have a set venue, date and time, and guest list, you can get the official wedding invites made.

Wedding Cake Tasting

What better than spending the day eating cake? You should try a few options and find the perfect cake for you to ensure that it will be ready for your day.

Dress and Suit Shopping

Bridal shops tend to be especially busy, so scheduling a try-on date in advance will avoid the risk of last-minute panic about finding a gown. As well as organizing the bride and groom, the wedding party should be prepared early too!

Book in Your Beauty Treatments

Make-up artists and hairdressers should not be contacted with short notice as they may not have room in their schedule; plus, it is helpful to have a practice run to decide on which styles you do and do not like.

3 Months Before

Adjustments and Alterations

Now that the wedding is creeping closer, this is where final changes should be made to ensure that the dresses and suits are adequately fitting. This is also when the remaining decisions on the wedding, such as venue decorations, should be finalized.

Buy the Wedding Rings

One of the most essential parts of the wedding is having the rings to place on each other’s fingers. Place your order before your favorites go out of stock, and remember that if you are wanting a custom creation it will take extra time.

Send Out the Invitations

People will want to receive confirmation of the exact wedding date with time to spare so that they can plan any necessary shopping or traveling arrangements in order to make it to your big day.

Organize Your Wedding Registry or Gift List

Your guests will want to bring a present for your special day, and it is likely that budgeting for the wedding will have kept your wish-list items waiting in your basket. A wedding registry or gift list is an opportunity to inform people of items that would be practical and useful—and to save you from spending on them!

1 Month Before

Start Planning Hen and Stag Events

This is the penultimate celebration with friends and family for you and your fiancé before being married. There is an abundance of activities that you can book to have fun with the people close to you. This is oftentimes planned by members of the wedding party, so decide whether you want to hand this over to them instead.

Final Dress Fitting

A last chance to make changes to your wedding gown and suit. The quality of the tailoring will truly influence how you feel at the altar so this should not be dismissed.

Confirm Arrangements

Relying on other people can be daunting, so it is worth checking that everyone is still on the same page with how your day will pan out.

Seating Plans and Wedding Rehearsals

Now that the venue plans are finished, you should cross the seating plans off your list, too. Call anyone who has not sent an RSVP to be aware of the total attendants and consider who would be comfortable sitting on a table together—and who you want to be closest to you to get the best view.

Once this is done you can schedule a date for a run through to identify any immediate modifications that need to be made.

Arrange Collections or Deliveries

If you have hired anything for the wedding that is your responsibility to arrange, make sure that this is part of your schedule.

Write Out Your Vows and Speeches

With not long to go, you should prepare what you want to say to your partner when you’re standing at the altar, ready to tie the knot.

The Wedding Week

Get Pampered

Whether it is having your hair trimmed and colored or simply getting a facial, this is the time to be preparing your final photo-ready look.

Pack and Prepare for Your Honeymoon

Pack your luggage with the necessities for your chosen destination and exchange your cash into the correct currency, so that you’re ready to spend quality time relaxing after your wedding.

Watch the Weather

At this point you can get an idea of what the weather forecast is indicating—this may mean emergency rainproof purchases to combat wedding showers.

Reviewing and Resting

No one should be rushing around the night before their wedding and if you have followed this guide, there will be minimal risk of that. Check over the details and read over your vows, but most importantly, get your beauty sleep.

Sticking to a strict schedule will have your wedding running without difficulty so that you can live happily ever after!