6 Easy Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online


Save money, reduce your shipping costs, and find mega deals. This guide has got you covered.

Online shopping has become a big deal. You, your friends, and your family all shop online, right? It’s part of modern life. According to Statista, over 2.14 billion people worldwide shop online, which highlights this perfectly.

One of the main advantages of shopping online (compared to in-store) is that there are endless opportunities to save some dough. Yep, that’s right: you can buy most things you want online while saving money at the same time. It’s a breeze.

If you’re not an online shopping expert, you might be scratching your head and wondering how exactly you can save money. Don’t worry; this guide is here to help you.

In total, here are 6 easy ways to save money when shopping online. Prepare to have your life changed!

1. Use Discount Codes

Let’s start with the easiest one of them all: use discount codes. When it comes to online shopping, discount codes are your best friend. They’ll save you so much money; you won’t believe it. All you have to do is find a discount code, enter it at checkout, and enjoy your savings – it’s that simple. Sometimes, you’ll save 25%. Other times, you’ll save up to 90% when a code is combined with a sale. It’s all about finding the best discount codes for the store you wish to purchase from.

Let’s say that you’re a fan of Koi Footwear, which is one of the fastest-growing vegan leather shoe brands on the market. To save money on a pair of Koi shoes you might be interested in, the genius thing to do would be to activate a koi footwear discount code. This way, you can get a significant reduction in the retail price!

No matter what your favorite brands are, there are likely tons of discount codes for them spread out the internet. Each time you do some online shopping, search for discount codes to see what’s around. The newer the discount codes, the better. This is because you have more time to use them before they expire.

2. Wait for Special Promotions

These days, many people shop online for clothes (and other accessories) using big online retailers. One of the main reasons these types of retailers are popular is because they offer regular special promotions.

One day, you could be browsing your smartphone and suddenly get a ping notification from a retailer, letting you know that there’s 20% off everything. This is why it’s recommended that you be patient and wait for special promotions to go live.

For example, you might buy a brand-new dress only for it to be reduced by 20% the next day in a flash weekend sale. Patience is key, and it won’t let you down when you’re trying to save some big bucks!

3. Pay for Premium ‘Next-Day Delivery’ Services

When you buy things online, you probably pay for next-day delivery. It’s natural to do this – after all, most people don’t like waiting the standard 3-5 days to receive their goods.

However, paying for next-day delivery can be extremely expensive. If you’re in the US, you’re typically looking at one-time payments of $3-6 each time you choose next-day delivery. Throughout an average year, this really starts to build up. Before you know it, you’re spending more money on deliveries than the items themselves!

The solution is simple: pay for premium next-day delivery services. These are becoming increasingly common in the online shopping world – especially with big retailers. Essentially, this is when you pay a one-time fee for unlimited next-day delivery all year.

Let’s say that there’s an online clothes retailer that you love. If they offer a premium next-day delivery service for $20 a year, this would be an example of a great deal! Over the year, you would save tons of money while receiving your products within 24 hours of ordering them.

4. Buy Multipacks and Bundles

Sometimes, multipack and bundle deals are ignored by customers due to their higher prices. Ironically, though, buying multipacks and bundles can save you a boatload of cash.

Here’s an example:

1 sports t-shirt is $20. 5 sports t-shirts in a bundle are $80.

Here, you would save $20 if you’re someone who likes to buy a lot of sports t-shirts throughout the year. It’s a no-brainer. Generally, multipacks and bundles are best for shopaholics. If you only do online shopping a couple of times a year, then it’s best to stick to singular purchases.

5. Subscribe to Emails

Lastly, another good strategy is to subscribe to emails.

Whomever you do your online shopping with, turn on email notifications. This way, you’ll receive emails on:

  • Special offers
  • Discounts
  • Upcoming sales

Not to mention, it’s common for some retailers to host competitions through email (e.g., provide feedback and be in with the chance to win a $200 voucher).

6. Download Shopping Apps

Nowadays, most online stores and brands have downloadable apps that you can get on your smartphone.

Apps are great for special offers and instant notifications. Plus, they eliminate the need for you to constantly sign in and out of websites through your browser. Instead, you’ll be permanently logged in. Hooray for convenience!


The global economy is suffering. As a result, millions of people are cutting back on their purchases. However, you don’t need to do this if you follow the tips and tricks discussed above. You’ll be able to shop online as usual while saving money at the same time.