3 sustainable gift ideas


Buying gifts for friends, family members and loved ones can be an absolute pleasure as well as difficult as you struggle to find different and unique gifts to buy.

In fact, there are companies that have been created from this struggle alone, as they promise to provide one-of-a-kind gifts that can’t be found anywhere else (or so they claim). Despite more of these businesses popping up, it can still be hard to know what to get someone at the best of times.

From birthdays and Christmas to special events, there always seems to be a reason to buy a gift and your bank of good ideas may be stretched thin.

While this issue has always been present, it’s now even more the case with so many of the people that we know trying to live more sustainably, including yourself. It’s completely understandable that more and more individuals want to live their lives in a more eco-friendly way as news of the damage we are doing to the planet circles on a regular basis.

When trying to live more sustainably, there are certain things that many get rid of and vow no longer to purchase. From single-use plastic to products that aren’t made sustainably or ethically, there can be a lot that’s cut out.

As the gift giver to an eco-conscious loved one or as an eco-friendly shopper, you can face the normal “what do I buy” dilemma and then once you do have a great idea have to question whether it fits into a greener lifestyle or not.

There are so many things that you can buy that are more sustainable than traditional gifts though. Here are just a few ideas.

High quality jewelry

When you look back at human history, the presence of jewelry as a gift has always been there. From the moment something beautiful to wear was found or created, someone has given it to a loved one as a gift.

This is still such a common practice today and for those who want to shop more sustainably when it comes to gift buying, it’s great to hear that buying jewelry can still be a part of this.

Much of sustainability is about longevity when it comes to the things you own. It’s for this reason that fast fashion has taken such a hit as their consumers try to live greener. Fast fashion pieces often don’t last very long while still taking a lot of work and resources to make. It goes against everything sustainability stands for to only wear something a few times before it needs to be thrown out. High quality jewelry is the complete opposite of this throw-away culture.

Jewelry can last more than a lifetime, as some pieces are often passed down from generation to generation. If this wasn’t the case, the antique jewelry business wouldn’t survive. It’s only thanks to the longevity of jewelry that the buying and selling of these items (that were created decades and even centuries ago) is still going on.

This type of gift is often so special and it’s great to know that even those who want to shop more sustainably can still purchase fine pieces for their loved ones. Just a quick glance through somewhere like Culet Jewellery will show you incredible pieces that can truly last. 


Not buying a physical gift is one of the simplest ways to make sure a present is on the more eco side of things. While there is still a lot to consider, buying your loved one a meal out, day trip or a trip away can not only be a great gift but also a more sustainable one.

Depending on their interests there is so much that you can book in advance and gift them when the time comes. Whether that’s a day away somewhere local to you both or something bigger, like a short vacation, when you open yourself up to this type of gift you are also tapping into a whole range of new ideas.

Take your gift to the next level when it comes to sustainability by booking a train where you could fly or opting for a getaway that’s much closer to you rather than in some faraway destination.

It’s important to remember that a gift doesn’t have to be wrapped in a box for that person to open. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes which includes the promise of an experience together.

Thanks to the internet, you can find experiences that you may never have thought of on your own and really tailor it to the person you’re buying for.


Once seen as a bit of a lazy gift to give, vouchers are now a great option if you are both not sure what to buy someone and trying to buy something that you can guarantee will be used.

Vouchers can be a very sustainable gift option as they avoid the potential for something going to waste and allow that person to buy what they really want or need. Finding out the favorite store of the person you’re buying for and getting a voucher from there (where possible) can be an easy, eco and well-received gift.

With a lot of shopping now being carried out online, you should have so many places that you can buy vouchers for – which might not have been the case for a previous special occasion. Whether printing the voucher off or getting the code sent to the recipient, it couldn’t be easier.

If they like a certain store that isn’t online and may not advertise that they offer vouchers, why not go in ask? You may be surprised at how accommodating they will be.

Buying gifts can be a great thing to do but it’s not always easy, especially when you’re trying to live sustainably yourself or buy for someone who is. There are so many options out there though that still fit within this sort of lifestyle, some of which you may not have considered originally.