3 industries that would benefit from a revamp


In the world of the internet and social media, it can seem that almost everything has been given a new look. Products that were originally seen as ordinary or maybe even boring are now advertised as if they are the latest new tech or clothing brand. Social media users will often see aesthetically pleasing adverts for things like house-hold cleaner, deodorant and even toilet paper.

It’s fascinating how industries can reinvent themselves in new and clever ways to fit into the modern world and how consumers now shop and interact with certain brands. Whether that’s an antiperspirant brand that is appealing to the eco-conscious market or a razor company who have fully involved themselves in the beauty industry through a more inclusive lens, it’s clear that there are always ways for companies to make themselves relevant.

Some industries, though, have taken their time to come around and are still operating in a way that may have been successful 20 years ago but no longer work in the digital age. This in no way means that they aren’t relevant to consumers today, not at all. In fact, many of these industries are borderline vital to our lifestyle and health, but could certainly do with a boost in customer engagement.

Here are just a few of these industries:


This might be one that is hard to believe, as the rise of social media has created a generation of individuals that post their travels constantly. However, while you may see many of the accounts that you are following on various social media sites enjoying trips all over the world, it’s rare to see a travel company trying to appeal to their audience in a new way.

Though you might have a list of destinations you want to go to based on what you’ve seen others share, when was the last time you saw a travel company advertise a trip to the same audience?

This may be because travel is so popular anyway that it doesn’t need to be pushed onto consumers like some other products or services do. However, this doesn’t mean that the travel industry wouldn’t benefit from a revamp, especially in light of the effect travel has on climate crisis.

Many consumers are becoming more conscious about their decisions in regards to the environment in all aspects of their lives. The travel industry has taken a small hit with this change in attitude, but it could be seen as a chance for these companies to address the issues while also appealing to a new type of customer.

Dental care

When it comes to dental care, it could be compared to the travel industry in the sense that everyone already knows that they need to look after their teeth. So why should companies spend much time and money on changing up their marketing approach?

The truth is, though, that looking after their teeth properly is still somewhat of a minefield for many customers and it’s only through the marketing of certain products and services that they will find out about the support they can get.

Often advertisements for dental care products you see online wouldn’t be out of place 10 or 20 years ago – just highlighting that this industry is in a unique position to reinvent itself.

Dentalcare can be seen as both cosmetic and medical, meaning it can appeal to the audience of both those fields. From the everyday customer looking for a brighter smile to a patient who needs braces later in life, there are so many individuals that want what the world of dentistry is providing.

With companies that specialize in digital marketing for dentists, there is so much opportunity for dental practices to bring in new patients.

Traditional TV networks

In the late 90s and early 00s, if you had said to someone that traditional TV such as cable would have any form of competition, you would not have been taken seriously at all.

Flash forward to the modern day and streaming services are the entertainment of the day, and seem to be the entertainment of the future too. While traditional TV still brings in viewers, it’s safe to say that many will now opt for watching something on their favorite streaming service rather than seeing what’s on right now.

While there is certainly a huge market for streaming services, there is so much more that traditional TV can offer than these newer companies can’t. However, if you were to take the information that ads for traditional TV is giving you, you probably wouldn’t know it.

From being able to access live TV there and then, to having everything you could want to watch in one place, there is a reason that this form of viewing has been so successful and it doesn’t have to drift away just because other forms of viewing have come about.

With these newer services in order to watch three or four of your favorite shows as well as a few new ones, you often have to have different plans with a number of different providers. This issue is rarely mentioned in promotions for more traditional TV though, not to mention everything else it has to offer.

The way products and services are marketed to consumers has always evolved but due to the speed at which modern technology has changed things, now more than ever are new marketing strategies and revamps more important.

Social media and other forms of advertising you may find on the internet can be a great asset for almost any company but are much less likely to be successful if similar ads to those that would have been seen on more traditional platforms years ago are used.

These industries, and many others, are important parts of people’s lives but cannot be guaranteed new business without bringing something fresh and new to the table. Evolving and adapting to new audiences and new markets (that are in themselves always changing) is a vital part of staying relevant as a business.