Top 10 Luxurious Hotels in the World in 2021


We’ve put up a list of the top 10 most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world for 2021 since we know you like a luxury. Depending on their popularity and user reviews, these resorts and hotels are organizing across the globe.

The following is a list of the world’s ten most costly and luxurious hotels, along with information about their locations, pricing, attractions, and unique features.

01. Emirates Palace – UAE

Cost: $500 USD
Location: West Corniche Road – United Arab Emirates
Owner: Abu Dhabi Municipality
Build Cost: 3.9 billion USD
Residence: 394 total rooms, 92 general suits, 22 haven suits
Architect: Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo
Construction: Arabien Construction, Arabian Construction Company (ACC), Belhasa Construction and Actor Electromech

Emirates Palace – UAE

It is possible that visiting this hotel will be the ideal choice for you to get away from the stresses of everyday life since this hotel is a multi-flavored location where you will feel like a royal character. The white sand beach has long been one of the most popular sections of the resort, drawing in many visitors. The entire amount of money that the government of Abu Dhabi will have to spend to construct this photographic marvel is about $3.9 billion. The Luxurious Hotels has 394 apartments, with 92 available suites and 22 residential suites that have been meticulously prepared to reveal the divine splendor that lies inside. The lobby is constructed of a unique marble that is both beautiful and functional. 13 nations produced the marble worldwide. It will look like a rhinestone chandelier if you have 1000 crystal clear chandeliers.

Many of the outfits have lavish embellishments of gold and marble. The entryway is distinguished primarily by an enormous marble floor. Six rulers are residing in residences on the roof level, and visitors are always welcome to visit. The magnificent structure is topped with a gold dome. It includes 40 conference rooms, each of which has its unique service area. There are two spas on the premises and a 1.3 km stretch of beach and a marina. It is equipped with helipads and a massive royal ballroom, accommodating up to 2500 guests for a formal ball celebration. There are several sequences from the top-rated quick and furious movie that were filmed there. For a brief while, the luxury stores on the ground floor of that regal hotel may draw the attention of the onlooker.

02. Burj Al Arab – Dubai

Cost: $1800 USD
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Owner: Jumeirah Group
Build Cost: 1 billion USD
Residence: 212 rooms in 28 floors
Architect: Tom Wright
Construction: Multidisciplinary Consultancy Atkins

Burj Al Arab – Dubai

By providing you with a memorable welcome and intensive attention, our hotel will demonstrate to you what the name of its meaning means: “the honor of Arab.” An on-call personal butler is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving you a truly royal experience. The hotel has 201 apartments, with the Talise Spa located on the premises. The Sinbad’s Kids Club is a place where children may pass the time. It also has a private beach. The architecture and intricate engineering will provide the appropriate image of a floating castle on the water. With the wink of the sun, it seems to be a sailing sheep, which is precisely what it is. The guests are each handed a distinct kind of card, and with the touch of the cards, the golden doors open automatically, revealing the inside splendors of the building. All of the windows are operated by remote control and have movable beds.

In addition to 212 rooms on 28 stories, this is the world’s fourth-highest hotel in terms of elevation. Tom Wright painted the outside of the building using a combination of western methods and eastern folk art. The spiral stairs have a classical feel to them. Each room is equipped with a TV, telephone, library, and internet access, but the most eye-catching feature is a 24-karat gold iPad that includes every information about the hotel, as well as menu cards. Even hotel guests have the option of purchasing iPads from the establishment. This regal hotel includes three outdoor beaches as well as two inside beaches. There is a luxury atmosphere in which to celebrate one’s choice of nightlife. When it comes to dining, the Burj Al Arab boasts two of the most sought restaurants in the world, Al Mahara and Al Muntaha, both of which provide delectable cuisine. The spa corner is well-known for its use of Arabic geometric shapes. The bathrooms seem to be very opulent. This hotel boasts the tallest atrium lobby in the world. In addition to heliports and floating tennis courts, the masterpiece includes the renowned ballroom known as the “Al Falak Ball Room.” When one sees the grandeur of this paradise, it is easy to get enthralled by it.

03. Titanic Mardan Palace – Turkey

Cost: $1330 USD
Location: Antalya, Turkey
Owner: Telman Ismailov
Build Cost: 1.4 billion USD
Residence: 560 suits, 17 bars
Architect: Unknown
Construction: Unknown

Titanic Mardan Palace – Turkey

Featuring the world’s biggest swimming pool, which measures 5 acres and is surrounded by delectable seafood, as well as four underground aquariums containing about 3000 fish, this Turkish hotel is one of the most luxurious in the world. The construction of this hotel is estimated to have cost about $1.4 billion. It features a beautiful beach, which was built with 900 tones of Egyptian sand that was brought from the country. It includes a spa that is 12,000 square feet in size and is enormous. The hotel has a total of 560 rooms. The building’s structure is a combination of gold and crystal, with the gold covering 10,000 meters square and the crystal covering 500,000 meters square, with the remaining 23,000 meters square covered with Italian marble from the Italian region. The addition of 17 bars elevates the overall luxury of the establishment. There is also a personal butler service that is accessible around the clock.

04. Westin Excelsior – Italy

Cost: $511 USD
Location: Rome, Italy
Owner: Katara Hospitality (Management: Westin Hotels)
Build Cost: $1 billion USD
Residence: 281 rooms, 35 lavishly decorated suits
Architect: Aktiengesellschaft für Hotelunternehmungen
Construction: Aktiengesellschaft für Hotelunternehmungen

Westin Excelsior – Italy

An exquisitely elegant and at the same time budget-friendly combination Rooms cost $511 USD per night and suites cost $1120 USD per night at this hotel, which has 281 rooms and 35 beautifully furnished suits. This structure, which is located in Rome, was originally constructed in 1906. It is home to the biggest suite in all of Italy. Villa La Copula is the primary attraction for visitors to the resort. This garment was upgraded a second time at a cost of $7 million dollars, and it now has a cocoon that extends over two levels. This is really fascinating. Using old traditions combined with the latest technological advances, the decoration comes together beautifully. The domes have the appearance of a cathedral. They have a secluded area where they may go for physical activity. It includes a spacious dining area. If you wish to spend a luxurious stay in Rome, this hotel should be your first and foremost choice.

05. Atlantis Paradise Island – Bahamas

Cost: $480 USD
Location: Paradise Island, Bahamas
Owner: Brookfield Asset Management LLC
Management: Marriott International’s Autograph Collection Hotels
Build Cost: $480 million USD
Residence: 3,805 rooms, 392 villas, 600 luxurious suits
Architect: Kerzner International Resorts
Construction: Kerzner International Resorts

Atlantis Paradise Island – Bahamas

Six luxurious suites are available: The beach tower, Coral Tower, Harborside, which has 392 villas with a large restaurant and a pool, as well as a separate pool for children with fancy things, The reef, which is the newest of the suites, and The Cove, which has a mosaic restaurant and 600 luxurious suites. The royal outfits include a Royal bridge suit, and to remain in it for a night, you must pay $25,000 USD. There are a variety of water attractions available at the Mayan Temple Slides, the most daring of which is the leap of faith, which drops you into a shark-infested lagoon from a height of about 60 feet. Additionally, this hotel has exotic rainforest and subterranean caverns to explore.

The Power Tower, which is 120 feet above the ground, is the greatest level of adventure and requires a ride from the surface. The next three stages are the most dangerous: first, the abyss, followed by 50 feet of complete darkness, then the descent, and lastly the surge tube, which is the final step. Splasher is a miniature replica of the Mayan Temple Slides that design specifically for youngsters. Due to its resemblance to the fabled lost city of Atlantis, the dig is the most typical feature of this hotel. There are about 250 species and 50,000 aquatic living creatures in all. It takes guests on a journey through a world of unique flavors. The total size of the water space is 154 acres. An attractive centerpiece of the dining room is a 24-carat gold chandelier, which is a key feature of the property. Marina Village has a retail mall that connects the hotel with a mall. In addition to its luxury accommodations and a golf course where professional tournaments are conducted year-round, this hotel is peaceful and adventurous as well.

06. The Plaza – USA

Cost: $477 USD
Location: New York, USA
Owner: Katara Hospitality
Build Cost: 12.5 million USD
Residence: 282 rooms, 102 deluxe suits
Architect: Henry J. Hardenbergh, Thomas Hastings, et al
Construction: Henry J. Hardenbergh, Thomas Hastings, et al

The Plaza – USA

This hotel, which has been in New York since 1907, is considered a symbol of monarchy. The Palm Court’s afternoon tea, the magnificent Champion Bars, The Rose Club, and the Food Hall are among the most appealing features. There are a total of 282 rooms, including 102 luxury suites. It has an old taste to it. It boasts a world-class store that is very ritzy in its appearance. The whole bundle of beauty includes dramatic lighting, amazing flooring, and brilliant chandeliers. A salon, spa, and fitness center are also available to ensure that the visitors have the greatest possible experience. It is the Original traditional taste that has been used in the decoration of the ball room and terrace. Plaza, like other luxury hotels, provides guests with the services of a personal butler.

07. Boulders Resort & Spa – USA

Cost: $170 USD
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Owner: Columbia Sussex Corp (Former: Blackstone Group )
Build Cost: 12 million USD
Residence: 223 rooms
Architect: Unknown
Construction: Unknown

Boulders Resort & Spa – USA

A special mention should be made of the luxury hotel and Spa resort’s soul-rejuvenating aesthetics. There are approximately 12 million ancient rock formations to be found there. This luxurious hotel boasts a homestyle villa, exotic accommodations, a meeting and event space of approximately 50,000 square feet, a 33,000 square foot ritzy Spa, a full-service Salon, and adventurous recreational activities such as hiking, rock climbing, a golf academy, a tennis garden, an adult pool, and other amenities that have elevated it to the top of the luxury hotel rankings. A state-of-the-art gym and a delectable restaurant satisfy the most ardent desires of its visitors.

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08. Palms Casino Resort – USA

Cost: $296 USD
Location: Paradise, Nevada, USA
Owner: Station Casinos
Build Cost: 80 million USD
Residence: 703 rooms
Architect: Jon Jerde
Construction: Jon Jerde

Luxurious Hotels in the World Palms Casino Resort

The Palms Hotel and Spa is the finest place to stay in Las Vegas if you want to have the best experience possible. The hotel has a total of 599 elegant guest rooms and suites. The majority of them come with LCD or Plasma televisions. The hot and whirlpool bathtubs, the outdoor pool, the sauna, and the spa are all designed to provide relaxation to the visitors. Some of the facilities include a completely air-conditioned space with a non-smoking zone, a fitness centre, and warless Wi-Fi access. Room service is available 24 hours a day, and special accommodations are available for handicapped guests. For the most part, their ritzy rooftop suites are the primary draw for the visitors. A complete bar, as well as a private elevator and rotating beds, provide the ultimate in Luxurious Hotels for the guests.

9. Zemi Beach House – Anguilla

Cost: $640 USD
Location: West Indies, Anguilla
Owner: Goldstein Family
Build Cost: Over 40 million USD
Residence: 65 rooms
Architect: Sheldon, Jeffrey and Joshua Goldstein
Construction: Sheldon, Jeffrey and Joshua Goldstein

Luxurious Hotels in the World Zemi Beach House

This is an excellent location to take in the breathtaking splendour of the beaches. The hotel’s facilities include fully air-conditioned rooms, flat-screen satellite television, a coffee machine, a buffet breakfast, an attached closet, a hairdryer, and a children’s programme. They provide ATMs and money exchange services for foreigners in order to alleviate their visitors’ difficulties. Thus, they have a 24-hour front desk with room service, a large fitness centre, and recreational activities like snorkelling and hiking to ensure that their guests have the ideal peace of mind while on vacation.

10. Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa – USA

Cost: $735 USD
Location: California, USA
Owner: Rancho Valencia
Build Cost: 30 million USD
Residence: 55 rooms
Architect: Prominent Builder
Construction: Prominent Builder

Luxurious Hotels in the World Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa – USA

They have presented their visitors with a variety of twists and turns after the rebuilding. Luxurious dining options, including excellent cuisines, a lavishly upgraded spa and fitness centre which is Luxurious Hotels, and a stunning new design. The view from the hotel rooms allows guests to take in the natural beauty around them. There is a Sheridan boutique on the premises. The hotel’s high beam ceilings, well-organized closets, ritzy bathtubs, spacious bathrooms, fireplace, and luxury living space make it one of the finest on the top-tier list of accommodations.