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Are you a film enthusiastic? Love to watch movies to make your free time with fun and happiness? Fine! The advancement of technology brings an amazing benefit to the users that eliminate the issues that you have faced at the theatres. Standing in a long queue to get the ticket is quite irritating which cuts down your interest to watch the movies. In recent times, the usage of pirated websites has been increased where the users can find massive collections of various movies and TV series under a single platform without paying any subscription charges. In this busy life, no one in the world is ready to waste their valuable time and money at the theatres and so they started to take this chance to watch their favorites anytime and anywhere. From a wide gamut of websites, the coolmoviez in is highly popular among users all over the world.

The significant thing to be noted in this portal is Coolmoviez hd resolution video quality that enthusiastic the users to keep on downloading the websites. Further, they don’t need to pay any cost for streaming online or downloading the movies at this kind of notorious platform. Just get rid off from the issues and problems of watching movies at the theatres by using this greatest chance. Read the given lines to find some more detailed views of the coolmoviez live website. It is the most familiar ill-famed website that leaks various kinds of films and web series even before or after the legal release date.

Interesting Facts About Coolmoviez me Website

Coolmoviez website is a well known ill-famed website accessed by huge numbers of users around the globe. The main motive of this platform is to publish the copyrighted contents without having any proper certifications. The entire process carried out by this website is illegal and the government of India keeps on taking the actions against such kinds of the in-famous website to save the lives of more number of moviemakers and production houses. The collections of contents arranged at this website are overwhelming that encourage the users to download and watch.

The Website is user-friendly and so the audiences don’t need much surf and effort to reach the target contents at coolmoviez download. The movies are classified and arranged in various sections such as coolmvoiez Marathi, coolmoviez Hollywood, coolmoviez Bollywood, coolmoviez TV series, and more. A smartphone with a high-speed network connection is mandatory to access this website and you nothing need beyond these. In the tough economic world, people keep on running towards their goals and make some noteworthy achievements in their life.

Besides this, the users can also search the movies in the following genres such as coolmoviez animation, action, crime, adventure, comedy, horror, and more. The several extensions of this website allow the users to get their target content without having any issues and inconvenience. It is really easy to access and download the movies as they want.

Faced Any Criminal Charges? 

Luckily, the website is not registered under any criminal acts even if it publishes the notorious contents illegally. It causes direct impacts to the box office collections which totally spoils a wide range of people’s lives. The pirated contents are published in various extensions of the coolmoviez website that fulfill the needs and expectations of the individuals without causing any inconvenience.

Leaking the pirated content is illegal but the website keeps on doing such punishable activities via different internet platforms. And the users are also supporting those websites by downloading their favorites to save some considerable amount of money in their wallet that they had spent for their entertainment.

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Get The Hosting Details Of Coolmoviez Website

  • Domain Name: site
  • Hosted In: United States
  • Domain Extension: .site
  • IP Address: 27.148.178US
  • Global Traffic Rank: 256, 750

Movies List By Yearly-Wise

The range of notorious websites on the internet is increasing gradually and keeps on working to enhance their website traffic by reaching the maximum number of users. Not all the portals are providing the extensive collections of contents in high-resolution video quality. In recent times, the audiences widely use the coolmoviez free download option to avail their favorites without spending even a single penny from their wallet.

The movies at coolmoviez are displayed in various sections that are quite easy and convenient to access. The main motive of this website is to offer the required set of contents in the best possible way. The features and specifications incorporated with this website are really amazing that keeps the users in a comfort zone. The collection of pirated content is displayed on the site such as coolmoviez 2017 movies, coolmoviez Marathi 2019, coolmoviez 2016 movies, coolmoviez 2017 movies, coolmoviez 2019 movies, coolmoviez 2018 movies, and likewise. Here are the few lists of films given for your reference:

2018 Movies List

  • Welcome to New York (English Movie)
  • Widows (English Movie)
  • Yuddham Sharanam (Hindi Dubbed)
  • Yevadu 3 (Hindi Dubbed)
  • Zeher The Poison (Hindi Dubbed)

2019 Movies List

  • Zaalim (Hindi Dubbed)
  • Zombieland Double Tap (English Movie)
  • Honey Boy (Hollywood Hindi Dubbed)

2020 Movies List

  • Battlefield (Hollywood English Movie)
  • Pithamagan (South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movie)
  • Chennai Central (South Indian Hindi Dubbed)
  • Kennedy Club (Hindi Dubbed Movie)

Lists Of Movies Language-Wise

The films and TV series at the coolmoviez website are numerous and the users might feel tough to surf and download their favorites. To eliminate such irritating moments, the contents are categorized into language-wise that lets the users get the target movies within a few clicks. The movies are listed at this portal such as coolmoviez Telugu, coolmoviez Hollywood dubbed movies, coolmoviez Marathi movies, coolmoviez Tamil, coolmoviez bengalo movies, coolmoviez Malayalam movies, coolmoviez Punjabi movies, and more. Find the movies list in the following lines:

Punjabi Movies

  • Band Vaaje (2019)
  • Kitty Party (2019)
  • Mahi NRI (2017)
  • Ardab Mutiyaran (2019)

Hindi Dubbed English Movies

  • Cats And Dogs (2001)
  • The Flash (2014)
  • Scream 3 (2000)
  • Scream 4 (2011)

Hollywood Movies

  • Fantasy Island (2020)
  • Ghosts of War (2020)
  • Ford v Ferrari (2019)
  • Automation (2019)

How To Download The Movies At Coolmoviez?

Downloading the movies at the coolmoviez website is quite easy and the users don’t want much surf to get the results. The pirated contents are categorized into several sections, which let the audience feel comfortable. Search the content either by a year or language with correct spelling. The lists of options have been displayed on your screen once it is loaded. You would click on the required content along with the quality of the video that you are going to download. Once the required video quality has chosen, the film gets started to download on your smartphone.

Personal Opinion About Coolmoviez

In my perspective, the features and specifications included in the coolmoviez website are really good and alluring. The required content can get in as much as easier steps and they don’t want much time or surf to reach the target movies. The users are feeling enthusiastic to access this platform and they really feel very comfortable to access and download the movies within easy steps. Buying the movie tickets at the theatres is hard and frustrating and people don’t have that much time to stand in a long queue. And this is a major reason for the increasing usage of pirated websites where the users can watch their favorites at zero cost.

Estimated Worth Of Coolmoviez Website

As per the recent report of, the coolmoviez in the website has reached the estimated worth of US $ 39,051. The range of netizens on this website is increased gradually because of providing massive collections of movies and TV series at free of cost. It provides tough competition to all other websites and makes the users overwhelming. The website traffic and global ranking of this portal have increased rapidly and it is really tough to ban this website from the sight of the users.

Does The Coolmoviez Website Is Legal? 

The website which leaks the pirated contents is not a legal one. Obviously, it is a big crime. The government of India has taken a wide gamut of actions and steps to eradicate these ill-famed websites completely. But, they are starting to use the advanced level to keep safe their place to continue this illegal activity which makes the users enthusiastic and happy.


We at the coolmoviez website do not have any goal or motive to support the illegal activities that publish the copyrighted or pirated content. The moviemakers and production houses are directly affected by this criminal act. We are just here to inform you that the audiences need to stop accessing such kinds of ill-famed websites and support the actions taken by our Indian government. The users need to take the given article as just for reference and stay away from these kinds of crucial acts.