Why Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Company is Essential for Your Business


If you’re running a company where employees come into the office to work at least a few times a week, then keeping the space clean and tidy is essential. Not only does working in a clean, hygienic environment promote health and wellbeing, but it can also encourage creativity, help keep everything organised, and make a good impression on any clients who come to visit.

While office cleaning might not be as time-consuming as it used to be for those who have a mostly hybrid workforce, there’s still a lot to be said for working with a commercial cleaning company. They can keep on top of your office, making sure that dust, dirt, and germs that build up over time are dealt with.

So, what are the top five benefits of putting down your cloths and cleaning sprays and hiring a professional company to keep your office clean while you focus on running the business?

Increased Productivity

Not only are employees more productive when they don’t have to worry about cleaning the office on top of their day job, but the clean, tidy environment itself can help with boosting productivity among employees. When an office is untidy, cluttered and dirty, employees might find it difficult to focus and stay motivated to get their work done well. By working with a commercial cleaning company like horizoncleaning.co.uk on a regular basis, it’s easier to keep everything neat and organised.

Better Employee Health

After the COVID19 pandemic, we’ve all got a little bit more knowledgeable about how not keeping on top of cleaning can lead to health problems. While most of us aren’t wearing masks and latex gloves to the shops anymore, there is an increased public awareness of how dirty surfaces can lead to sickness – and it’s not worth taking the chance in your office. This is especially true if your employees have been working from home for the past few years and are returning to the office space; spending more time at home means that the immune system doesn’t get much exposure to germs and microbes, and it may have left your employees a bit more prone to catching stuff. By keeping a clean and hygienic office, you can keep your workers happy – and avoid sick days.


If you’ve been putting off hiring a commercial company until now because you believe it’s too expensive for your business, then the good news is that you’re probably misinformed. The truth is that over the long term, working with a commercial cleaning company can be the most cost-effective option for your business. While you can ask employees to help with cleaning without incurring additional costs, over time, this takes them away from their actual jobs. At best, they might not get as much done as they could if they had that time to focus, and at worst, they might get fed up with being asked to do something that’s not in the job description and start looking for somewhere else to work, leaving you with the turnover expenses. What’s more, a commercial cleaning company will take a more thorough approach than most employees who aren’t professional cleaners, so with the right one, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Make a Good Impression

From time to time, you might have clients and customers, or potential new hires, come and visit you at the office. And they’re sure to notice what it looks like, feels like, and how clean and tidy it is. You never know how much somebody who’s visiting your office values a clean and tidy space – it’d be awful to find out that you’ve lost a big potential client because they felt uncomfortable in the messy working space, or if you lost a talented potential new hire because it set off their dust allergy. When you hire a commercial cleaning company, you’ll be left with a clean, sparkling, and professional looking office – perfect for conducting interviews, holding board meetings, or getting to know clients in-person.

What to Look for in a Professional Cleaning Company for Your Business

So, where do you get started with looking for the perfect company to fulfil these needs and provide the main benefits of a squeaky-clean office? There’s no shortage of cleaners out there, so finding the right one can be daunting. Make an informed decision by keeping the following in mind:

  • Services offered:A good commercial cleaning company should offer a wide range of services with everything you need to keep your office ship-shape. This might include basic cleaning, floor and carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, window washing, and more. Figure out what services you need the most and find a company that provides them.
  • Reputation: Anybody can call themselves a cleaner, so it’s worth asking other business owners for recommendations of companies they would recommend. With referrals and recommendations often comes a good reputation, so you know your office is in good hands.
  • Training process:Finally, find out more about any specialist training that the cleaners receive. Not only does choosing a company that trains their cleaners to a high standard ensure that you get the best possible service, but they’ll also be well-versed in health and safety, the use of cleaning chemicals, and the use of specialist cleaning equipment. You should also make sure that all employees are covered with a proper insurance policy.

While you can probably give your office a quick clean up yourself from time to time, or ask employees to do it, nothing compares to the results you’ll get from working with a professional commercial cleaning firm.