What Are The General Misconceptions About The Best Artificial Grass Melbourne?


When you decided to purchase synthetic turf, you may come across common myths about it. Hope so, it will bring frustration and make you confused about your decision. But lots of scientific researchers are proven that all the misconceptions are not true. If you compare the Best Artificial Grass Melbourne to the natural grass, the synthetic one brings more benefit to you. They are more eco-friendly and safe for your kids also for pets. That’s why most of the people are showing interesting in using the fake grass for their place that is useful for them. Maybe some of them are getting fear to install the synthetic turf in their place, read the below lines to know about the truths behind the artificial grass myths.

Hard to maintain the synthetic grass

The major reason for people purchasing artificial turf is they are less- maintenance. When compared to natural grass, they are much easier to clean and maintain. You no need to watering, fertilizing, and mowing the surface. They are artificial ones, so they will be staying in the same size till they you remove them. You can easily eliminate the debris and leaves by using the blower or broom sweeper. Watering is not necessary so you can try this once a week. To remove the hard stain, you can use detergents. So, they are much easier to maintain than real grass.

Best Artificial Grass Melbourne is too expensive

One of the common thoughts among people is that artificial grasses are too expensive. But they are not that much costly when compared to the maintenance fees of natural turf. The synthetic lawn endures for as long as 20-25 years, which will save your unwanted expenses. If you have real grass, you have to spend some amount on buying fertilizer, water bills, and maintenance charges. But the fake grass will help you to reduce these kinds of charges. It won’t require any of the above things to look fresh; they always stay in the lavish green color and enhance the appearance of your place.

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Not good for the environment

A common misconception that people believe that synthetic grass is not good for the environment. But certainly not, it is more eco-friendly and they are made with non-toxic materials which you can recycle. They are safe for the atmosphere that reduces the need of using the gas-fuelled for mowing the lawn each week. There is inessential for using harmful fertilizers which affect the wildlife in the fake grass. It removes the need to spend electricity for trimming the grass that is safe for the surroundings.

It has the poor drainage           

The artificial one does not have poor drainage to remove the water. It has drainage holes that allow the excess water to be exhausted away and get rid of those fears about flooding. It has a multi-layer drainage backing system where the blades are filled with granular filler to promote the finest drainage. If your soil is hard from the shade or chalky, then synthetic turf can be the best choice for you. So, there is no fear about the drainage that they are best for your place.

The Best Artificial Grass Melbourne not pet-friendly

The synthetic grass is 100% safe for your pets and surely they will love to play with it. There is no fear of wear or tear in your garden that they can freely play with your fake grass. So, there are no more muddy paws, and it will be clean. It was non-toxic, and not getting discolored by the pet’s urines. The artificial grass is not slippery, so it will be very safe for your kids too.


Now you get some awareness of the misconception about synthetic grass. We Auzzie turf provide you the Best Artificial Grass Melbourne which is safe for your pets, eco-friendly, good drainage, and easy to maintain. You will get the fake grass with supreme quality without making you feel any discomfort till the end. So, feel free to make a call for us and install this smart decision instantly.