Wet Carpet Drying Tips and Tricks


Wet carpet drying is important to prevent mould and other issues. There are many reasons why your carpet may become saturated. Broken or leaking pipes, flooding from severe weather conditions and leaking roofs that allow rainwater through are common culprits. Any home appliance that uses water — dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners — can malfunction and soak nearby carpet.

Whatever the reason, you must address the issue quickly. Failing to do so, can lead to health issues caused by bacterial and fungal growth. Both bacteria and fungi thrive in moist environments. A neglected wet carpet is the perfect breeding ground for both. Besides the health risks, wet carpet can make your home smell musty.

Signs you need wet carpet drying services

There is a difference between types of damp carpets — eg one – from a spilled drink which more than likely can be remedied without the need for carpet drying services in Melbourne and two – soaked carpet from a leaky pipe which definitely should receive the attention of wet carpet drying professionals immediately.

Carpet that has been submerged in water is best left to the professionals, who have the equipment needed to thoroughly absorb all the water out of it. Carpet drying services also have special cleaners that can help remove odours and sanitise your carpet.

Things to consider before drying a wet carpet

Before you go to the time and expense of wet carpet drying, make sure you identify and fix the source of the water leak that caused the initial damage. Drying out your carpet is pointless, if you fail to resolve the issue that caused it to get wet. Allowing carpet to repeatedly get wet and then go through the drying out process can damage it.

Other considerations:

  • Clear out the room where the wet carpet is located. Remove all furniture and other items resting on the carpet.
  • Limit traffic on the wet carpet until you can have it professionally dried and cleaned. Wet carpet is fragile, so allowing people to walk on it can cause irreparable damage.

Carpet drying Melbourne

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