What Are The Different Types Of Solar Batteries Melbourne? 


The increasingly popular device in the recent decade is solar batteries that store energy. It demands a clean energy system in the environment when comparing with the other energy storage devices. It is also popularly known as the solar panel energy server, solar battery storage, and so on. They are specially designed to connect to charger controllers or the solar inverter to power backups.

Most people are running behind solar power as it allows you to use more power and less electricity. The battery transmits energy when it is fully charged. When talking about variant types of Solar Batteries Melbournethere are different types. It depends on the energy storage technology and mainly they are of three types. Each of them has unique characteristic features. Listed below are the details and pros and cons of the varied solar batteries.

Lead Acid Batteries:

These are the deep-cycle batteries that are true technology for the world of solar power. This battery has the capacity to store energy for a long time since the 1880s in fact. There are mainly two types of lead acid batteries and they are flooded lead acid batteries and sealed lead acid batteries. It is reliable for off-grid power systems and also for emergency backups.

  • Pros: It is the cheapest energy saver option that makes lead acid batteries the most cost effective. It is reliable and also it can be easily disposed of or can be recycled.
  • Cons: The flooded lead acid type batteries require a regular maintenance to operate and also ventilation. As it has a low Depth of Discharge (DoD), it needs to be charged more often. The lifespan of the battery is shorter as it has low DoD.
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Lithium-Ion Batteries:

These types of batteries are the new discovery to the world of solar power panels. Lithium ion’s potential is so high and is realized that the energy storage solution for electrical motors is important with this solar battery. Therefore the growth of the lithium-ion solar battery was quicker than other energy sources. As the popularity of EVs began to rise, so as the lithium-ion batteries also. It is best for installing in residential areas.

  • Pros: This battery can hold a larger amount of energy even in a smaller space than a lead acid battery. It requires no regular maintenance. The batteries have a longer life cycle with a guarantee. And also has a high depth of discharge.
  • Cons: The greatest disadvantage of this type of battery is that is very much expensive than other storage technologies. It also has a higher chance of getting fire because of the thermal runaway.

Nickel Cadmium Solar Batteries Melbourne:

Ni-Cd batteries are not as highly preferred as lead acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. But this variant is mostly used and is the favorite of aircraft industries. Earlier in the 1880s, the energy storage capacity was a bit lower and had a makeover in the late 1980s. As it has higher durability, it is widely preferred in large-scale industries.

  • Pros: The major benefit of this solar power battery is its durability. And also it has the capacity to work in extreme temperatures. It is maintenance-free and doesn’t require a complex battery management system.
  • Cons: the cadmium content of the battery is highly toxic and it is the biggest downfall of this solar battery. This is hard to dispose of and also some countries had banned the use of cadmium as it is hazardous. The cadmium content limits the ability to hold the power for a longer time and is prone to the memory effect.

Final Wrap:

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