Top Security Tips To Make Your Home Safer


In the US, there are approximately 2.5 million burglaries every year.

With more homeowners than ever wanting to protect their homes, you may be wondering how best to do so. Dealing with a burglary is emotionally hard. Not to mention time-consuming.

While having up-to-date home insurance is always wise, there are some other steps that you can take. Thus, reducing the occurrence of a break-in occurring at all.

With that in mind, let’s look at some top tips to keep your home and family safe from burglary.

Lighting and Cameras

Burglars like the dark. There is a reason why burglaries usually happen at night! Not only does it protect the burglars’ identity, but darkness also allows for an easy getaway.

One way to prevent burglars is by having a motion-activated light. For the highest level of security, have one at both the front and back of your home.

In the modern-day, smart lighting is becoming more popular. This can also be used to your advantage. If you are planning a holiday away, why not set a timer for your lighting? To passers-by, this will give the illusion of the house being occupied. Once again, many smart homes can provide this service directly to your phone. A burglar is certainly not going to want to break into a home that they think is occupied.

If your home security system can stretch to it, it is worth investing in some cameras. Like the motion-activated lights, these are best placed at the front and back of your home.

The addition of cameras can also lower your home insurance premiums.

It is best to get a combination system with home security cameras. Certain brands are motion-activated. Paired with a motion-activated light, this creates a formidable security system. As soon as someone steps onto your property, they are recorded. Whether it is 2am or 2pm.

Should your home be burgled, you will also have recorded footage. This will help the police to catch the people responsible. Which will increase the chance of you getting your stolen goods back.

If your budget cannot stretch to a functioning camera yet, then purchase a false one. Place it where you would place a real camera. This can also act as a deterrent for burglars. So can signs that state that a camera is operating in the area. Should you choose a camera system for your home, ensure that it is installed by a professional. You may also be able to get cameras that will be accessible to your smartphone. That way, you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world.

Automated Gates and Alarm Systems

This may sound obvious but having a gate can make a difference to the security of your home.

In fact, many homeowners depend on automated gates Sheffield or other gate suppliers in your area to keep their homes safe. Only people that you allow can gain access to your home. With the surrounding walls or fences required to put a gate in place, few people will attempt to break in.

Some kinds of automated gates come with security cameras. This allows you to see who is coming into your home. As advertised, some security cameras can connect to your smartphone too. So even if you aren’t home, you can assess who is trying to get access to your property.

Just be sure to have an automated gate installed by professionals. That way you can be sure it works and is up to code.  If you have a coded gate, try to change the code as often as possible. This will ensure that anyone trying to enter your home without your permission will hit a block. Thus, allowing you time to call the police from wherever you are.

Are you serious about home security? Then it may be worth getting an alarm system installed, too.

This will help to reduce your home insurance premiums. While also adding an additional layer of protection to your property. You will need to have this installed by a professional team to ensure it works.

Aim to set the alarm whenever you leave home. Much like the automated gates, many alarms can connect to your smartphone. If it is activated when you are out, you will be notified. Some systems when triggered for more than a minute automatically call the police.

Be sure that everyone in your home knows the code, but obviously, if it is written down, keep it out of sight of windows or doors. It is also worth changing the code regularly. So, if someone is watching your home, they will get caught out.

Upgrade Doors and Windows

Are your doors and windows out of date? If so, it is time to upgrade to double or triple glazed windows. While also making sure that the doors and windows in your home have hardy paneling. Thus, making it harder for burglars to break-in.

Modern windows are smaller than older options. This creates an obvious issue for burglars as they cannot squeeze through them. This, combined with double glazing, can make breaking into your home impossible.

As for the doors, there are many modern front doors that do not have visible hinges. These are often a target for burglars. Also, letterboxes are now reinforced too. No one will be able to slide their hand through the letterbox to open the door from the inside.

Are you looking for ultimate security with your doors and windows? Aim for plastic PVC paneling. As well as double glazing, of course!

Bottom Line

There are many ways to improve the security of your home system. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch.

You can tell neighbors when you are going away. So, they can keep an eye on your home. Or you can simply have your locks changed regularly. Or you may simply choose to get a dog! All are time-tested options for many people!

Remember that being burgled is a serious crime, with devastating consequences. If you follow the highlighted tips above, you are less likely to fall victim to it.