How to Host a Fun and Welcoming Housewarming Party


So you’ve just moved into your new house? That’s certainly a big step that deserves a celebration. In order to show off your new home and thank all the people who helped you with finding a place, packing, moving and unpacking, it’s time to host a fun housewarming party. If this is your first event of this sort, here’s how to organize a party that will make every guest feel welcomed and appreciated:

Consider the guest list

Before you start any preparations, you need to compose your guest list so you know how many people you’re working with. There shouldn’t be any limits on how can be invited and who can be skipped—as long as you want a person’s energy in your home, they can be on the list. One great idea is to invite your new neighbors, so you can start your relationship on the right foot. It’s important to get to know your neighbors because you will often need each other’s help.

Ready your new home

The main idea behind a housewarming party is to show off your new house and all of its details and amenities, which means all the rooms should be ready for a tour. Make sure to decorate, organize and clean the space, open up everything for guests to see and ensure you’re proud of every single detail.

Arrange the party area

Your guests need easy access to certain areas where most of the party will be happening. Firstly, it’s necessary to provide a place for guests to leave their jackets (cleared out hallway hanger, closet, mudroom or even bedroom). Secondly, it’s necessary to clear out an area where you’ll serve food and drinks. In most cases, you need separate tables for food and drinks, and you can consider keeping them in different areas to prevent crowding. Thirdly, your guests need space to circulate and hang out. And fourthly and finally, it’s necessary to provide seating for people to enjoy a nice conversation and connect to your space.

Serve food and drinks

A house warming party shouldn’t be confused with a dinner party, but food and refreshments are a necessary detail for any event of the sort. Think about what kind of host you want to be and provide your guests with the same vibe. You have probably been very busy for the past month, with all the moving and settling down, so you can freely rely on catering. In certain countries and cities, such as Richmond Australia, even drinks can be delivered! For instance, you can find an affordable Richmond bottle shop that does deliveries and have the best craft beers, local wines and quality spirits at your address within an hour. This way, you can spend the day of the party on decoration details instead of picking up drinks and food.

Settle on presents

A house warming party is aimed at your guests who helped you along the way and who you want to keep welcoming into your home. However, most likely, people will want to bring a gift—something to make your house even more beautiful. If you have specific tastes when it comes to decoration and want to keep a certain aesthetic going on, you can organize a stock-the-bar party. When people ask you what to bring, you can ask them to bring a drink that will help you fill your wet bar.

Don’t do too much

A housewarming party usually doesn’t include any special activities and parting gifts. Your guests won’t expect such a move, so you don’t have to waste money and time on extra planning. As long as everyone feels appreciated and welcome, your party will be a success.

With these few tips and ideas, you will manage to throw a perfect housewarming party that will make you proud of your new home and your guests happy about your life achievements.