The Third Age: Improving Your Physical and Mental Health


There comes a time when your body starts to suffer from the effects of old age—and you start noticing it more and more. The skin sags a little more, your hair is thinning, and you feel like your eyesight isn’t as sharp as it used to be. It can be somewhat depressing to deal with old age, but those in the third age still have a ways to go.

The third age is that period right after retirement, where the onset of disability is still far enough away, and you’re still active enough that you can enjoy yourself. The third age is crucial, as it dictates how your body changes over the next decade. Here’s how you can improve your physical and mental health to prepare for the future.

1. Learning to live with new norms

While the third age is typically not the onset of disability, there are situations where people suffer from the effects of ageing more than others. For example, one does not have to be extremely old to suffer from incontinence, and it can be extremely embarrassing for those who have little to no control over their bladders. One of the first things to do is to cut yourself some slack and relax. Just because incontinence is a part of your life doesn’t mean that things have to change.

There are many ways to make living life with incontinence easier, and a significant part involves dealing with the stress at its core. It’s not easy to accept the fact that your body is different from the way it was, but doing so will help ease much of the burden and potentially allow you to reverse the process. With the right products and treatment options, you can easily learn to live with new norms.

2. Spending more time with loved ones

If you want to improve your physical and mental health during your journey through the third age, it’s crucial that you spend more time with your loved ones. More than most, those experiencing their golden years understand the importance of spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, today’s world makes it difficult for families to stay together, especially with all the responsibilities that come with life.

That said, you can still keep up with your friends and family through video calls and messengers. While it might not be the same as meeting with them face to face, it at least helps you feel that you aren’t alone.

3. Staying as active as you can

There is no doubt that how active you are will determine how quickly your body deteriorates due to old age. The more you exercise and the more time you spend being active, the slower the effects will be. It’s also crucial to keep your mind occupied, but not necessarily droning out. Constantly looking for new things can help ensure you improve your physical and mental health.

The third age is yet another phase of life that everyone has to go through at one point. It’s a turning point where you’ll have to push for an active and healthy lifestyle to ensure that the onset of disability is slowed as much as possible.