Some Game-Changing Tricks to Use Wax Seal Precisely


Wax seals are one most obliging elements that help in sealing invitation cards and envelopes. The looks and design of the wax seal have fascinated more users in recent days. Wax seals in the past were very standard and had no designs. But contemporary marketplaces are delivering some of the most incredible and best wax seal kit that has great designs on them. You can buy a wax seal kit to make your mail and invitation customized with beautiful wax seals. However, they might seem quite simple to use, but using them can be super trickier.

Users who are not proficient in using wax seals will end up attaching wax seals imprecisely. In many cases, the wax seals also come out due to a change in temperature or inadequate attaching. If you are regularly using the wax seal in your mails, here are some game-changing tricks to enable you to achieve precision in using wax seals.

Changing colours in Glue gun wax

Do you know, you can easily change the colour of your glue gun wax. You can use a clear glue stick to remove the old wax out of the glue gun. Then after taking out the glue gun, make one or two throws away to make sure no wax is inside. Then you can use coloured glue sticks to achieve colour in your wax seal. However, glue sticks are expensive and will cost you more.

How to keep the wax seal straight on the mail?

Most people attach imprecise wax seals to the envelope. Some wax seals are upside down, some are inclined right, while some are to the left. Proper wax sealing may require precision, but you can still achieve a straight seal on the mail. All you require to do is mark the place with a pencil where you will put the seal. You will have to mark the edges with stamps and make sure it is straight and centred. Once you mark it, you can seal it with real wax.

How will you eliminate bubble appearance on wax seals?

Bubble appearances in the wax seal are only visible when the wax seal is too hot. If you use a spoon in the wax seal, move it away from the flame to cool it down. But if you are using a wax gun, you need to set the temperature to low to ensure zero bubbles in the wax seal. Many wax glue guns don’t come with a temperature adjustment setting. In such cases, you can switch off the glue gun to control the temperature and eliminate bubbles.

How to calculate the precise quantity of wax for the seal?

More wax in the seal can also ruin the looks of the mail. You have to make sure you are using the right amount of wax while sealing. Every stick in the seal wax kit offers you 6-8 stamps. Using more wax will also leave you overwhelming. You can use 1 inch think wax in every stamp to achieve precision in quantity. Many people measure the wax sticks to find out the exact thickness of each seal.

How to achieve immediate sticking of wax seal?

Many tricky things don’t remain stable while sealing them. Lighter in weight makes them move. In such a case, quick cooling of the wax seal is necessary to achieve precise sealing. If you are dealing with any such article, you need to first out a small dot of wax on the opening and cool it to not move. Then you can use a perfect thick wax seal on it and immediately cool it down. Use a custom wax seal kit as the best promotional tool available that offers you instant cooling after sealing.

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