Mention The Various Kinds Of Door Handle Melbourne For Your Home


The door is a great protection of every room in your house, and it will add the final finishing touch. So, you have to choose the right Door Handle Melbourne for your project. You can also choose this to fix on the draw, slider, and various places. It helps to pull any things easily, and it is now available with various modern types and designs. Also, ensure to choose a reputable supplier to buy the door handle as it is important. You can choose the expert dealer by getting suggestions; consider the quality and more. Once you know about the various methods and models of it, then it will be handy for you to select the perfect knob for your living space. Refer below to know the amazing types of door handles.

Lever On Backplate Handle

The lever on the backplate is a traditional choice that would highlight your door. It comes with a backplate and it is generally used in the bathroom doors. It can be used with a thumb turn or lever and lock. This is available in a range of styles such as curved, square, classic, and more. This is an ideal choice that suits all styles of interior. It comes with or without keyholes, so you can prefer the one based on your desire. It has a neat and stylish finish that would grab anyone’s attention. You can select this one to fix on your bathroom places.

Lever On Rose Handle

The lever on the rose handle is a unique choice to heighten your door. It comes with a square or circular rose lever, and the handle connects to the door. It will make sure the fixings are hiding from the front view that adds a smooth finish. It is smaller than the backplate handle and won’t come with locks. But you can attach the locks if you need to. The rose handle level is available with plenty of designs that are best for your door. You can get it from the simple stainless steel lever design to polished chrome.

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D Pull Handle

If you have a door that won’t require any latches and open inwards, then the D pull handles are a perfect choice. It can be fitted on the external side of the door, and it can be easy to use. This comes with a wide range of styles, so you can simply prefer your desired option. Its every end creates more liner appeal to the door that looks amazing.

Flush Pull Door Handle Melbourne

The flush pull door handling is typically used in the sliding doors because of the requirement for doors to pass in from each other. It can be fitted on the door itself and make a flush finish. It leads the door to slide into the cavity without any construction. It is available with ample designs including small finger pulls, rectangle, circular and square designs.

Door Knobs

The doorknobs have a spherical shape that has been in use for hundreds of years. It can be used to open latches paired with locks for security and by turning. You can find it with a range of designs like contemporary stainless steel, antique cast iron knobs, and polished chrome doorknobs. It can be used for the decorative purpose that adds a classic look to your door. This is the best choice for a traditional building that will boost its appearance.

Thumb Turn Handle

The thumb turn handle will allow you to lock the door from inside by the thumb turn and outside by the key. Generally, it will be used in the bathroom, and it is the perfect one for privacy. In the case of emergency time, you can unlock the door by using the coin from the outside.

Final Thoughts 

You can also find the types of Door Handle Melbourne such as cabinet cup handle, cabinet pull handle, and others. At Auzzie tiles & bathroom ware, you can get all the styles of door handle for your home. We provide you with the best handles that last for long years and protect your house.