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The technology aids the people to get all the necessary things into the hand, the word like rush and crowd is reducing in this digital world. Online shows the functional tips for the people to reduce their effort but some thinkers are misguiding the knowledge. The major drawback of the society is the illegal site, which makes a huge burden to the cinema makers and the Government. Mp3tau websites never bother about the pros and cons of the surroundings; their only epigram is ‘freebie,’ with this choice of people following the site. There are multiple apps like MX Player, Spotify, Amazon Music, and some other renowned sites are streaming the songs on the app. But, the user has to create the profile and some sites have premium plans to hear the songs.

This website is one of the popular unofficial sites by visualizing the Punjabi, Haryana, and other languages videos free of cost. It is not only about the Mp3tau; in our country, you have several torrent websites streaming the regional songs and movies for the viewers. Because of illegal sites, the team is constantly changing the URLs as routine and it is impossible to break the chain on the Internet. Here, you have no rules to visit the site and you may access it at your convenient time without paying an extra amount.

Mp3tau Homepage

About Mp3tau

The mp3tau 2019is streaming the Punjabi songs for the users, and the piracy of the website is not permanently shut down by the Government. Furthermore, the sites also offer a selection of songs like Haryanavi and Hindi that can be downloaded easily from the net. Mp3tau links the recently released songs on the site without getting copyrights. Thus, the infamous site shares mostly Punjab songs and it uploads a huge collection of Hindi songs that users can hear. The illegal site does not seek information from the viewers and it does not pop up with any login message. You can download the song according to your choice of HD quality print and you can watch the song at any time.

Any criminal charged faced by Mp3tau

The unofficial site Mp3tau does not have filed a documentary report against the work of releasing the video. But the authorities took serious steps to shut down the website and they banned the original page. In return, the mp3tau dj is creating several links as per the domain name and sharing the latest videos on the site.

Mp3tau hosting details 

Domain Name:

IP Address:

Country: USA

Name Server 1:

Name Server 2:

Mp3tau 2018, 2019, 2020 songs list 

The infamous site has year-wise listed songs on the site for the users:


  • Kasoot Jaatni
  • Zindagi
  •  Ladia Jeeja
  • Teri Gelya Byah Karna
  • Romantic dream

Mp3tau Category Page


  • Well known
  • Randa Party
  • Motto ajay Hooda
  • Saasu nu boli
  • Aakad Komal Jangra


  • Bahrtaar 2
  • Randwa
  • Bol Sapele
  • Nakto
  • Ranna Jhota

How to download the songs from Mp3tau?

In this hectic world, it is impossible to visit the shop to get the required materials for the lives of the people. But online has numerous options to get all things instantly at home, so the process of downloading video from mp3tau punjabi song download is too easy. Click your choice of songs on the home page and the URL route to the new page by streaming your songs and you can watch or download mp3tau com 2020 punjabi song. With individual highlight like ‘Download’ you can transfer the quality to your e-gadgets easily.

Mp3tau Songs Download

Mp3tau Punjabi, Haryanvi songs list 

The piracies of sharing the videos from mp3tau com 2019 are convenient for the user to follow the simple instruction to watch. Look the below listed songs:

Punjabi Songs

  • Andata
  • Challa
  • Befira
  • Approach
  • Moosedrilla

Haryanvi Songs

  • Yamraaj
  • Ramjhol
  • CCTV
  • Balam Sharmila
  • Balam Mera kala

Mp3tau categories list

  • Punjabi Songs
  • Haryanvi Songs
  • Haryanvi Dj Remix Songs
  • Our opinion about Mp3tau

The video from mp3tau org is an offense but, the people fix this idea as an easy task to watch at their location. Even though it provides the videos free of cost, the citizens should follow the moral quality to avoid the features from the infamous site. Thus, the page suggests the people do the responsibilities work of the country and guide your upcoming generation with virtuous behavior.

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The estimated worth of Mp3tau

According to, the mp3tau has an estimated worth of US$ 42,341 and it has special revenue for advertisement. The estimation of US$ 47,160 is the annual revenue and 3.17 million visitors are using the site per year.

Mp3tau is a legal website?

The mp3tau search is not a legal site, it is promoting the videos of updated movies on the site so, it is illegal to watch by the users.


This page provides information about the mp3tau 2020 and its benefits also, the piracy of copying the content is an immoral act. The offense comes under the Copyright act of 1957, which is not suitable for people to watch songs or movies on an illegal site.