EZTV – The Torrent Website To Get Your Favorites At No Cost


In this modern era, people are looking for ways to simplify their job as much as easier. You might know how hard it is to stand in a long queue to get movie tickets during every new release. The rapid development of the internet has resulted in increased usage of torrent websites where the netizens are able to watch their favorite movies and TV series at zero cost. In that place, the Eztv website is widely used by the audiences to enjoy the movies even before its legal announcement. The contents at this portal are updated frequently to satisfy the needs and expectations of the individuals accessed from various locations. In this busy life schedule, you might feel hard to skip your routines and watch your favorites. Instead of wasting your valuable money at the theatres, why don’t you make it as savings with this torrent website! The types of movies displayed at the notorious websites are alluring that provide the contents as you want. Continue reading to get the details of the Eztv site. 

Get To Know About EZTV Site

The users from various locations are engaged at the eztv re website to illegally download the Hollywood movies at free of cost. Here, they don’t have a situation to pay even a single penny from their wallets and this is a major reason for the increasing usages of torrent websites. The collection of movies at the Eztv proxy list is amazing and it is beyond your expectations such as Japanese, Bollywood, etc. The netizens around the world are able to access this portal without having any rules and restrictions. However, the government of India has strongly against such kinds of ill-famed websites that create huge losses to the box office collections around the globe. The technology gets advanced and it will result in the development of the Eztv ag proxy website.

The moviemakers and production houses are meeting a huge number of issues and losses that they never expected such hard situations. Through these proxies, they are able to upload the contents as well to the users even if the government has banned the official websites of the Eztv website. The duplicate copies of websites will not appear in the search engines and it is tough to find and eradicate. So, the audiences are able to get their favorites without having any inconveniences at any case via Eztv unblock proxy websites.

Any Criminal Charges Filed On Eztv For Movies

By luck, there are no such criminal charges filed on the Eztv proxy websites. But in reality, it leaks numerous illegal movies and TV series without having certifications. The production houses all around the world are standing against those kinds of in-famous websites to stop such unlawful acts.

Eztv Hosting Details 

  • Domain Name: IO
  • Server IP: 67.73.242
  • ISP: CloudFlare
  • Server Location: San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Name Server: NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM


Categorizes OF Contents At Eztv

The contents at Eztv proxy sites are split into various sections that can be easily accessed by users around the globe. They don’t want to face any kind of inconvenience or discomfort while searching for their targets. And you don’t want to waste your valuable money at theatres during every new release of movies that can be done effectively via torrent websites. Here are the lists of categories arranged at the Eztv website:

Enjoy The Movies Uploaded At Eztv Website 

The movies leaked by the Eztv re website are liked by the users and so they keep on engaging at this portal to enjoy their favorites. The contents are uploaded frequently even before the legal announcement date and it enthusiastic the users more. In this given lines, the movies are listed by year-wise for your reference:

List OF Movies At Eztv

  • Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge
  • Shooting Heroin
  • The Windermere Children
  • Jungle Beat: The Movie
  • Justice League Dark: Apokolips War
  • Dil Bechara

List OF TV Series 

  • The chi
  • NOS4A2
  • Star Wars Resistance
  • Wynonna Earp
  • The Rain
  • Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

How to Download The Movies From Eztv Site?

It is quite simple, as you think. The contents at this website are categorized into small sections for identifying their targets easily. Initially, the users must need to install the VPN software that safeguards your device from third-party access while accessing these kinds of torrent websites. It will ask you to select the current living country to verify your IP address. Once the VPN gets registered successfully, you would enter into the website without having any obstacles. You would choose your favorites and click the download option. Before starting to download, the users will need to select the video quality that they expect. That’s all, finally, the desired content gets started to download on your device.

Personal Opinion About Eztv re Website

As you think, the Eztv website is not so tough to access and download the movies. It is user-friendly and allows the users to get their target results within a few steps. Watching all your favorites at zero cost is amazing that is possible at the Eztv unblocked proxy sites anywhere and anytime. The users don’t have restrictions to use and download their favorites. They are permitted to get all their wanted movies just only with a stable internet connection. You don’t be skilled and efficient to access this website because the website is designed with simple and effective features. The surfing time is quite low and the users can get their results just within a few minutes.

An Estimated Worth OF EZTV Site

According to the recent estimation of WorthofWeb.com, the Eztv website has crossed the value of US $ 73,119. The advertising revenue of the website is considered during this calculation that is based on its ranking data and public traffic. As per the WorthofWeb.com, the Eztv it proxy website has created big impacts to the cine world and tends them to meet million-dollar losses. The range of users is gradually increasing these days that result in a reduction of box office collection in every new release. The number of visitors and advertising revenue of the website per year is 4.42 million and 66,240.

Is Eztv Website Legal?

We cannot say that the leaking of contents in notorious websites is legal. It is really an unlawful act, the government of India has been searching for the best ways to eliminate those portals completely. The audiences don’t even have time to think that accessing of piracy content is punishable and illegal. They keep on accessing and downloading the content as they want at zero cost. They strongly believe, the ill-famed websites are offering a wonderful opportunity to enjoy their favorites without charging any cost.


EZTV doesn’t have any motivation to encourage the in-famous website that leaks the pirated contents illegally over the internet today. We are here to advise the users to stop accessing such a notorious platform that creates big losses to the movie makers. As an Indian Citizen, everyone should be responsible to ban those websites and support the government to do its duty well. Further, the users are also having a chance to get punishable via the act of 1957. So it is better to stay safe from impacts.