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Sharing copyrighted movies and TV shows is an unlawful act. The rapid growth of the internet is also a major reason behind the increasing usage of pirated websites. People strongly believe that standing in a queue is frustrating and so they started to make use of the notorious websites to download their favorites. Nowadays, the Ettv website is one of the widely accessed platforms where the users from various locations are engaged for a long time to avail of their favorites. It is extremely troublesome to eliminate all these kinds of ill-famed websites over the internet even if the Indian government has taken continuous and severe actions. Go through the following lines to get the essential facts about Ettv tv websites.

About: ETTV Movies Website

Ettv online is one of the leading torrent websites that leak the movies and TV shows illegally over the internet. The website holds lots and lots of proxies, which helps in sharing the contents even in a critical situation. The contents displayed over this website are mesmerizing that stimulate the users to have their favorites without letting them meet any inconveniences and issues. Even the government of India is going to do any biggest operation against the pirated websites, the users can able to access the Ettv proxies as well to download your required series. The collections of contents are amazing that provide your requirements instantly at zero cost. The users don’t want to pay any subscription charges to access and get their favorites.

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Criminal Cases Registered On ETTV Website

Luckily, the website doesn’t have a situation to meet such kind of illegal activities even if it leaks numerous pirated contents via its proxies. The range of users at the Ettv office website is increasing rapidly because of leaking the recently released movies even after the official announcement of a few days.

ETTV Proxies 

The proxies have not come under the list of search engines and so it can able to share the copyrighted contents as well to the users. Some of the Ettv proxies are listed in the given below:

  • to
  • com
  • Online
  • be
  • tv

ETTV: Hosting Details

  • IP Address: 27.129.125
  • Server Location: San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Domain Name: ettv


Ettv Categories List 

Ettv movies are categorized into a plethora of sections that let the audiences to get their favorites just within fewer steps. They don’t want to stand or wait in a long queue to get the tickets. The website will allow them to have their favorites in their comfort zone without wasting even a single penny from their wallets. The contents at Ettv torrentfreak website are sectioned into various categories to improve the convenience and comfort level of the customers and some of them are listed below for your reference.

  • Sci-Fi movies
  • Romance Movies
  • Adventures Movies
  • Animation
  • Horror Movies
  • Drama Movies
  • Biography Movies
  • Fantasy Movies
  • Comedy Movies

Get Down The Movies Lists Of Ettv Website 

2018 Movies List

  • Sicario: Day of the Soldado Torrent
  • Braver torrent
  • Assassination Nation torrent
  • The Hurricane Heist torrent
  • In Darkness torrent
  • Creed 2 torrent

2017 Movies Lists

  • On Chesil Beach torrent
  • Disobedience torrent
  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties Torrent
  • Adrift Torrent
  • Hostiles torrent

How To Download The Movies At Ettv Website? 

VPN is the major source to be required for Ettv download. There are lots and lots of enemies waiting over the internet today to hack their personal details and satisfy their needs without your permission. And you should be advanced to preserve your personals from such kinds of hackers with the help of a VPN. Once you have decided to get your favorites via torrent websites, it is mandatory to download and install the VPN in your device; it may be your smartphone or PC.

Select your current locating country to start your downloading process. If the IP address gets registered, you will be entered into the website. You would search the content as you want and click the download option. It will ask you to select the quality of the video, so choose on your own to start the download.

Personal Opinion About Ettv Website

The contents at this website are alluring that satisfies the expectations of the individuals. Further, we don’t want to pay any charges to access and download the movies and it would help us to save some considerable amount of money that we spent on entertainment. The users can get their target results within a few clicks without feeling inconveniences. It is really impressive than the theatre experience and so the users from different locations are accessing this torrent website to avail their favorites.

Estimated Worth Of Ettv Website

Based on the report of, the estimated worth of the ETTV website has been calculated. Now it reaches a maximum of US $ 248,800 including its website traffic and rating knowledge of the visitors. The fluctuations may happen due to the leaking of pirated content material on that particular website. It generates a revenue rate maximum of US $ 108, 720 per year with approximately 7.27 million visitors.

Does the ETTV Website Is Legal? 

It is hard to say that the torrent website is a legal one. It leaks lots and lots of copyrighted movies and TV series even before its legal release. Due to this illegal activity, the box office collections around the globe have been affected seriously and tend to meet huge losses in their lifetime. The government of India has taken plenty of actions towards these websites to vanish it completely. But the people are thinking in advance by generating the proxy websites to leak the pirated contents even in such harder situations.


We at ETTV website don’t have any intention to support or enhance the traffic of those notorious websites. We know the rules and regulations introduced by the Indian government and so we assure you that never act against those legal acts. The users should stop this unlawful act and stand behind the government to eradicate those portals completely.