Effective Time Management Tips to Boost Your Productivity


When we are happy the mind expands and we feel that time runs so quickly, at the same time when we are sad or feel bored minutes feel like hours. Though there is a complete day with 24 hours left, people fail to do time management properly. It is the process of organizing and planning our daily activities.

One might feel that their colleague might work and succeed better than him, it is just because of their effective time management strategy. Each person is different one might complete the work in minutes where others will take an hour to do the same. A peaceful mind also contributes to the speed the task gets completed. Here are a few ways which would help one to achieve their targets.

1. Plan your day

 A good plan for the day makes us feel more confident about the things which we are doing and the time which is going to be spent on each activity. Try to stick to the plan throughout except if there is a real need to deviate. Do not stuff everything in mind, in this fast-moving world there are chances that one might miss the work that must be completed. Where we end up wasting hours thinking about the missed task. Use an organizer for the effective management of work.

This planning is not only for people who go for work but also for the homemakers. They are more prone to lose hours unnecessarily, especially while going for the market, where they miss out the groceries and run back again to get them. Planning is mandatory for all age groups. Also, teach children how to plan their day to make it a fruitful one.

2. Be early

The word punctual is being on time. To do that one must be early and that can be done by waking up early. This gives us a long day to do our activities. It creates a positive impression on the people you meet that day. Because not everybody can be punctual, this habit might even get one of his dream jobs or achieve what he wants. This attitude gains respect for a person.

3. Avoid distractions

Social media and the internet is the biggest distraction available for all age groups. It does mean that they are not useful, they become a distraction to those who fail to use them properly. If one uses them for their growth it would be a boon else it’s the huge curse that would take our valuable moments of life.

Whenever you’re working on high priority tasks make sure the phone is in silent mode, so that the task could be completed easily.

4. Quality of management

Sometimes there are chances of compromising the quality while focusing on time managementAvoid multitasking and concentrate on a single assignment, try to pay justice to it. There are various trackers available but the best one could be us and our mind. Else one could go with tracking software to count their productivity and minutes spent on each activity of the day.

Make use of sticky notes, reminders, or calendars to know what you have for the rest of the day. Our mood swings also play a great role in deciding the quality of our assignments, keep your mind relaxed, take frequent breaks, get some fresh air, or spend on your favorite hobby.

5. Sleep well

Sleep is more important than any of our activities. A tight sleep is needed for the body to get ready for a whole fresh start. Do not stays awake till late night instead wake up early. Decisions are made perfectly if a human gets 6-8 hours of sleep daily. If this sleeping pattern changes it might cause serious health issues and pull us down from being a normal person.

Final thoughts

Time management should be made as a practice for every individual to increase productivity in their lives. Children must also be taught about the value of time. Try to spend a few moments in learning about handling time, so that it would be very useful to reach heights in our career.