What Does It Mean Organic Makeup? Why Should You Use It?


Choosing organic makeup products over traditional ones may be difficult for you in the beginning. But, with plenty of benefits in using organic products, you will be really surprised to see the results in a few weeks or months.

Why do you want to choose non-organic products that are harmful to your health and also for the surrounding? Can it be beautifying when you use a product that dries your skin and makes it look tired and dull? For many women all over the world, makeup is an essential beauty item. Makeup plays a vital role in enhancing one’s appearance and self-esteem. But it also exposes women to a high range of health concerns. Researchers are beginning their work to reveal that some of the streaming makeup products contain ingredients that may be linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. To fight these growing health concerns, effective alternatives to chemically-produced makeup, and beauty products are available in the market. These organic makeup items have several health benefits and here are the reasons why you should organic products over chemically-produced products.

1. Nutrition-rich

Your skin may have the ability to absorb certain compounds, but a protective layer is essential to keep harmful compounds out of your body to some extent. Even then, research concludes that using personal care products for your skin can still cause some damages to bodily systems and lead to untold health consequences especially when applied topically. The basic and straightforward key rules for makeup and beauty products are that, if you can’t eat it, don’t wear it.

Cocoa butter which is a leading natural moisturizer provides essential fatty acids for healthy skin. Most of the organic makeup products contain cocoa butter or any other nutrition-rich oils to provide a youthful and smoother look for your skin. If you are caring for your skin, then you can never go wrong with makeup containing added herbal extracts and nutritive components.

2. Natural fragrance

Most people eat with their eyes before placing any of the food into their mouths, similarly the way most people shop with their nose when it comes to personal care products. In minds of customers, a product’s worthiness is usually determined by the two human senses. A mixture of chemicals is present in the beauty products which produce a pleasant smell that is inhaled by people throughout the day. These man-made aromas expose your body to a number of harmful effects and a study linked to them shows that they are linked to cancer, allergies, birth defects, and nervous system disorders.

Along with inhaling these chemicals to the lungs, humans also expose their skin to toxic compounds. While purchasing a beauty product, always make sure that the scent in the product comes from natural ingredients. Essential oils are the most concentrated ones in terms of aroma and are perhaps one of the best natural perfumes in the world.

3. No harsh chemicals

The chemicals present in the makeup products may improve the appearance of your skin but are often promote irritation or allergic reactions in sensitive skin. It is found that the non-organic products found in makeup products are poisonous to the endocrine system. Parabens and phthalates, the two chemicals linked to cancer are used extensively in cosmetics and the Environmental Protection Agency stand against the use of such products.

4. Eco-friendly

Traditional beauty products trending in the beauty industry usually rely on a host of chemicals and petroleum-based ingredients for their production process. These compounds are usually harsh and require extensive mining.

5. Protection from premature aging

A certain level of sun protection is provided by the makeup products made with natural minerals. The skin on the face is thinner compared to other parts of your body and is more susceptible to harmful UV-radiations which cause skin aging. So, make sure you choose organic cosmetics which may help support healthy, youthful skin. For sun-shielding effects, you can research to buy products containing antioxidants like vitamin C. The right makeup product for the season can protect your skin from premature aging.

6. Organic makeup is gentle on your skin

The sixth reason for advocating organic cosmetics is that they are soft and gentler on your skin. Nothing much, this statement is just a summary of all the above 5 statements. Organic products do not contain chemical compounds that are harmful to your skin, this is the reason why they are gentle compared to other beauty products.

Bottom lines

It is obvious that true beauty can never come from chemicals. Always choose organic makeup products and organic food products if you care about your health. Purchasing products from Econrich is the right step if you want to do anything for yourself and the environment. We, at Econrich, provide the best products that are both eco-friendly and healthy.

Author Bio

The author of this article is concerned about society and the environment. He has in-depth knowledge about the ill-effects of using chemically- produced makeup and beauty products. This knowledge of him helps many people to choose organic makeup products.