What Are Some Trendy Haircut Melbourne That Looks Impressive For Girls?


Getting bored with your same hairstyle? Then it’s time to change your old look, so you have to choose an expert hairdresser. In the modern era, all-girls spend some time for self-grooming. You never go wrong in the decision to alter your Haircut Melbourne that will make your personality more impressive. It will transform your look and show you unique among other people. While you know about the trendy hairstyles, you can choose the apt one that suits your face. But ensure to visit the reputed hair salon or stylist to change your haircut that meets your expectations. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try a new and bold hairstyle. Scroll down this page to know about the trendy haircuts that help you to enhance your personality.

Curtain Bangs 

The curtain bangs are one of the ultimate hairstyles in the ‘70s, the bangs are styled with a part down the middle and framing the face on each side. It is a super versatile haircut which requires low maintenance. This is long enough to grow and pin back based on your wish, but it can also be cut in a shorter look. It works with all kinds of hair texture that get the right shape.

Long And Sleek Haircut Melbourne

The long and sleek is the apt choice for the people who have long hair with thin volume. It makes your hair look more voluminous and brings an attractive look to you. The layering technique will help to enhance the aspect of your hair and it is one of the trendy haircuts among the long hair girls. So, you can surely try this on your long hair that heightens up your personality.

Pixie Haircut 

The pixie haircut is one of the fashionable styles that suit short hair women. It is usually short on the back and sides of the head which is slightly longer on the top with very short bangs. This has different types like pixie bob, long pixie, short pixie, asymmetrical pixie cut, and more like it. The pixie hairstyle will show you looking unique and trendy that suits for the face shapes like oval, round, and heart shape.

Bob Haircut 

The bob haircut is one of the favorite styles for most girls which look adorable. It is a short-length haircut that is typically trimmed straight around the head above jaw level, often with a bang at the front. You can get this also in the different types like line, graduated, stacked, layered, asymmetrical, concave, typical, inverted, blunt, and long bob. You will pin the hair based on your wish and it will show you look more elegant.

Layer Haircut 

The layered haircut is the right one for both long and short hair which gives an illusion of volume as well as length. It is an easy style to manage and gives volumes to the long hair type. For the short hair, it shows as a long one and this is arranged into layers. The top side layer cut is shorter than the beneath layers.

Shoulder Length Haircut 

The shoulder-length haircut ranges from a long bob to just above your collarbones. It includes a wide range of different varieties and this cut is a suitable one for all face shapes that can be tailored to any situation. Whether you go for work or went out with friends, this shoulder-length haircut will be apt for all the times. You can try this next time you visit your hairdresser or a reputable salon.

Shaggy Hairstyle

A shag haircut is a style that has been layered to different lengths and the layers are often feathered at the sides and top. These layers make the whole hair full in the order of the crown, and thin to fringes around the edges. . It is an effortless and cool hairstyle that needs low maintenance if you are busy with your work.

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Side Swept Haircut 

The flipped-out swoopy fringes blend flawlessly into multi-layered hair making the side swept haircut apt for the girls who love more moments in the hair. This hairstyle is a little longer which is grazing the cheekbone and giving a soft feel to you.

Trending Undercut Hairstyle

If you are looking for a unique and trendy haircut, then go with the undercut hairstyle. The hair around the sides and backs is shaved beneath the longer hair on top. The stylist will design the haircut according to your desired pattern on your head and the best part is you can easily cover the design by putting your hair down.


You can choose the trendy Haircut Melbourne based on your taste and likes. We Biba Hair Salon provides you with unique hairstyles that meet your expectations. Our expert hairdressers will help you to highlight your personality with their styling method.