Things You Should Know About Punta Cana Airport VIP Service

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Are you planning a trip with a loved one and need to try a new experience? If yes, you can use the VIP service at Punta Cana international airport. When you are booking VIP service, you can skip the customs lines.

Enjoy a luxury VIP lounge while you wait for passport checks, customs, and immigration. The staff will reclaim the passenger’s luggage and guide them for ground transportation.

Punta Cana airport is one of the busiest international airports in the Caribbean. Many travelers use vip service at Punta Cana airport to skip the customs line. The traveler can access the VIP lounge and dip them in the swimming pool.

What includes in VIP Services 

Punta Cana airport puts more effort into providing top-notch VIP service for all travelers. In addition, you can find various VIP packages that meet everyone’s budget and requirements. Instead of wasting time, you can select the right package for your vacation.

Let’s see what includes in the VIP service at Punta Cana international airport:

  • When you arrive, the expert will assist you in accessing the front-line services during luggage claims, customs, and ground transportation on your arrival day.
  • Meeting and greeting at the gate upon arrival and at the airport entry on the day of departure.
  • A VIP lounge offering snacks and drinks on the day of arrival and departure
  • A well-trained staff will assist with baggage reclaim, airport check-in, Covid test report, and customs on departure day.

Stay comfortably at the VIP lounge 

Punta Cana international airport has its VIP lounge for arrival and departure. Buying the VIP service at this airport is good if you visit during the peak season. Therefore, you do not need to waste your valuable time booking the resort. You can book the VIP package in advance, especially in the cold month, because the airport gets very busy in the cold season.

When booking the package with enough time, the person has a final itinerary landing. The VIP lounge has numerous facilities that make the trip unforgettable. While waiting for departure, you can enjoy the luxury lifestyle.

The followings are some facilities in the VIP lounge:

  • Free wifi
  • Soft and hot drinks
  • Private areas
  • Boarding information screen
  • Local and international magazines
  • A range of snacks
  • Shower facility
  • Swimming pool
  • Local wine and alcoholic beverages
  • Private washrooms

VIP Punta Cana airport fast-track

If you need to avoid airport lines, there is no better option than VIP airport fast-track service. One of the benefits of the Punta Cana airport vip service is that it allows you to skip immigration, luggage claim, and customs line. It will help you to save more time by standing in the long queue at the international airport.

In addition, the agent will guide the traveler for immigration upon arrival. Those who book this service can wait at the VIP lounge and enjoy drinks and snacks. The airport staff will pick up the luggage and handover to the traveler. Using the VIP service keeps you in peace of mind and allows you to enjoy the journey.