Know The Procedure Of Occipital Cervical Plate Surgery


None loves to have spine surgery, but at times it is unavoidable. The spine comprises 33 small bones called vertebrae, in which the first 7 (C1-C7) support head and neck. Spongy vertebrae protect the spinal column while the ligament holds them together. Sometimes injuries or destabilizing of these vertebrates require Occipital Cervical Plate surgery. It is a surgical procedure to treat a variety of craniovertebral junction conditions. To know how the surgery is done, just scroll and continue the read.


Pre-preparation is necessary for occipital cervical surgery. Following are those guidelines to follow before the operation.

  • Your doctor will do a thorough check-up to examine any other health issues.
  • Based on the patient’s age, and other factors certain test such as blood test is necessary to take as a precautionary step.
  • You need to avoid taking supplements and other anti-inflammatory medication 2 weeks before the operation.
  • Instruction is given by the doctor to visit the hospital on the day of surgery with someone else. Because driving back home isn’t possible for you after the surgery.
  • Written consent will demand from you by the hospital management.

Procedure For Occipital Cervical Plate Fusion

  • The complete process is done through a posterior approach. General anesthesia is given and the patient is laid down in a prone position.
  • A special device called Mayfield is used to fix the head. Now the orthopedics surgeon will make a vertical incision over the occiput bone till the external occipital protuberance (C1-C2 region).
  • Now the Cervical Cage spine will expose to the surgery by retracting the neck muscle and tissues. Using X-ray imaging, identification of the damaged intervertebral disc is made.
  • The surgeon will do the necessary treatment to resolve the spinal cord compression causing the issue.
  • The surface of the lamina of each vertebra is shaved off to stimulate fusion. Also, the small bone grafts are placed on the vertebral column that assists in the fusion of the bones.
  • Now titanium metal will fix on the two sides of a vertebra with the help of screws. It will help to stabilize the cervical spine.
  • Then a confirmation X-ray is taken to ensure that the proper alignment of the occipital cervical fixation and fusion is made.
  • The last step is to place back the retracted muscles and soft tissues into their position and suturing is done.


After the surgery, the patient will shift need to a room in the hospital. Generally, after 2-3 days they can discharge and can go back home. The patient needs to take care of the area and it should keep away from infection. Proper diet and medication are two important factors for quick recovery. In case of severe pain, calling your surgeon is necessary.

Ending Words

The above-given is the complete procedure of Occipital Cervical Plate fusion. Using qualitative implants is necessary for avoiding patient health issues and complications. MJ Surgical offers you world-class orthopedic instruments at the best price. We are the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of orthopedic implants. To know more about Contact Us Now.