How to Overcome Your Fear of Going to the Dentist


There are many reasons why everyone should go to the dentist at least once a year. Most dentists even recommend one visit every six months if it can be managed. From keeping your teeth healthy and strong to achieving a whiter, brighter smile, your routine dentist visits are incredibly important.

Despite all of the reasons why you should be going to the dentist regularly, the thought of doing so might be rather intimidating for you. In fact, you wouldn’t be alone if you were actually afraid of being at the dentist. More people than you might realize possess an actual phobia of being at the dentist.

While such a fear can be rooted in a true aversion to pain in your mouth, it is vitally important that you take steps towards overcoming your fear. Not only does taking better care of your teeth mean that you can achieve a better sense of overall health and wellness but having routine cleanings and checkups mean that you can avoid more serious and thus painful issues with your teeth down the line.

If you are finally ready to overcome your fear of going to the dentist, here are some tips that can help you to feel more comfortable at the thought of getting the dental care that you need.

Find the Right Dentist

There are many things that can lead to the development of a phobia of going to the dentist. However, one of the most common is related to the fact that the dentist might simply start treating you and causing you pain without a second thought or without explaining anything.

It is important to note that no dentist wants to cause pain to their patients. Rather, they are actively trying to avoid causing pain to you while you are in the chair. Nevertheless, there is something to be said for finding the right dentist for you.

You want to make sure that you are able to find a dentist who is communicative and who understands your fears. They will explain everything to you if you ask and help you to have a better understanding about what is going on and why. They can also check in with you periodically to make sure that you are doing alright.

Take some time to learn more about what a dentist does and how you can find the right one to make you feel more comfortable at your routine visits and checkups.

Bring a Friend

One thing that can really help you to feel more comfortable about going to the dentist is having a bit of support there with you while you are in the room. Talk to your dentist about whether you can bring along a friend or relative to accompany you at your appointment.

Having a friend there can make a big difference. They can check in with you and carry on a conversation that can help to distract you from what is going on. Simply having someone who isn’t nervous and who knows you can also help you to feel more relaxed about being at the dentist.

Bear in mind the fact that protocols about having someone accompany a patient to their appointment might have changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, if you are suffering from dental anxiety, then it is likely that bringing along some extra support would be perfectly fine.

Talk to Your Dentist

Among the top things that you can do to ease dental anxiety, being communicative with your dentist about what you are feeling is essential. You can’t expect your dentist to know what is going on in your mind and with your stress levels unless you talk to them about it all.

Remember that you are far from the only person to experience fear of being at the dentist. It is the main reason why people avoid the dentist altogether. This means that your dentist will be entirely familiar with what you are feeling and certainly won’t judge you for feeling this way.

When they know what is going on with your anxiety, your dentist will be better able to accommodate your fears and talk you through all that they need to do to keep your teeth strong and healthy. They might even be able to offer you things like nitrous oxide in order to help you remain calm while you are undergoing your treatments and routine care.


There are many benefits to incorporating mediation into your daily self-care routine. Not only can meditating regularly help to ease stress and anxiety in a number of ways, but it can also help improve your sleep.

When it comes to your dental anxiety, meditating can be an incredibly helpful tool. When you are able to focus on calming thoughts and use certain breathing techniques, you can keep your heart rate calm and your mind at ease while you are at the dentist.

Remember that meditating for particularly stressful experiences like going to the dentist will take some practice. You should get into the habit of meditating and develop a meditation session that you can turn to whenever you need to go to the dentist.

This should be another one of those things that you will want to talk to your dentist or hygienist about ahead of time. They might allow you to play a meditation from your phone while you are in the dentist’s chair and leave you to your meditation while they are doing their jobs.

Focus on the Benefits

Ultimately, one of the best ways to overcome your fear of the dentist is to focus in on why you need to go in the first place. You need to look after your teeth and give them what they need to remain healthy and strong. This means going to the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings.

When you are able to focus your mind on the reasons for being at the dentist, you can put your fears aside and do what you need to do to remain healthy.