How Do You Differentiate a Self-inking Stamp From a Pre-inking Stamp?


Pre-inked and self-inking stamps Brisbane differ in many ways. But most people, when they need a stamp, buy it. They do not know the advantages of using one type of stamp over another

The self-inking stamps Brisbane flips to hit the pad. After removing the ink from the ink-pad it flips back down to make an impression on the paper. In other words, they have a mechanism by which the rubber colour is repelled to hit the ink pad whenever you use your stamp to make an impression. These self-inking stamps Brisbane brands include Ideal, Trodat, Cosco, Shiny and many others.

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What is the difference between self-inking and pre-inking stamps?

  • Mechanism

    As mentioned earlier, the pre-inked rubber stamp allows ink to pass through letters or stamp designs so that it can be printed on paper with a simple press. Self-inking stamps, on the other hand, flip back and forth to make an impression on a document online and enjoy the big benefits and save more with self-inking stamps.

  • Impressions

    Pre-encased rubber stamps leave a clear impression with very clear images. It’s best where you integrate the logo and / or other graphics into a stamp design. Self-inking rubber stamps, on the other hand, make good images, but not so obvious.

  • Ink

    Pre-ink stamps use oil-based ink, while self-ink stamps use water-based ink. You must need to buy water-based ink stamp as they are less expensive than oil-based stamps. But it produces great effect and dries very quickly. It dries in less than 5 seconds.

  • Adjustable date

    Currently, pre-inked ones do not come with a factory-made adjustable date. But those who know themselves do.

  • Shape

    Pre-inked stamps are relatively smaller than self-inking. If you are concerned about size and portability, the pre-ink type is best for you.

  • Multifaceted talent

    Pre-ink stamps are versatile. You can apply any font style and image to them. You can also use it to stamp your photos, which is not the case with self-inking stamps. This aspect has its limitations.

  • Price

    Self-inking stamps Melbourne are more expensive than pre-ink stamps. Also, their ink is relatively expensive but lasts longer than water-based ink. However, with the self-inking stamp, you replace the ink pad when it gets old on top of buying ink. Pre-ink stamps do not have replacement parts.

  • Lifespan

    The pre-inked stamp lasts over 50,000 impressions with good ink refilling. After that, it starts to develop problems like colour and wear of ink pads, which need to be changed. In addition, the flipping mechanism above and below it also stops working normally over time.

  • Product

    Pre-ink stamps have their own machine that manufactures them. Typically, manufacturers of such stamps make the machines you use to make the stamps. For example, Brother has a Stamp Creator, which Brother Stamp makers use to make stamps.

As far as self-inking stamps are concerned, you just need to cut the rubber according to the design you want. There are many ways to cut rubber. You can do this yourself or you can use a stamp machine. The best stamp making machine is laser engraving system.

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How are the two types of stamps similar?

They are both replenished with ink. Both types are not recommended for glossy surfaces as the ink can be easily cleaned. Plus, it all comes in multiple colours so you can make your choice. But the most common colours are red, blue, black, purple and green.

Lastly, if you are planning to buy a ticket, consider the above points to make an informed decision. But as a precaution, always buy your self-inking stamps online from a reputable stamp manufacturer to avoid counterfeiting. Your stamp contains the brand image of your business or organization. Accredited stamp makers protect you from counterfeiting and reusing your stamps. In addition, they make it with forge-proof features. Veranda has its own problems purchasing your stamps from stamp manufacturers. Be careful!

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