Guidance About The Use Of ACL PCL Instrument Set For Knee Injuries


The knee is a complex part of the body with a great risk of having injuries. The complex joints make it vulnerable and prompt to cause several issues. From fractures to ligament dislocations, the list of risk elements goes on. Even though it can be cured by proper physiotherapy and surgeries, the chances of getting injured are higher than that of other body parts. As knees are the main source that makes a man standstill with strength, the risk factor affects their whole life. Many knee injuries can be treated simply and successfully with rehabilitation exercises and bracings. Ligaments are the most important anatomical part of the knee that can prone to have injuries as well. The ACL PCL Instrument set is the helping hand that makes this condition better. This article will help you to know about ACL and PCL injuries and further other details.

What are ACL Injuries?

Anterior Cruciate Ligaments otherwise known as ACL is one of the parts of the knee joint. It is the flexible band of tissues that holds cartilage and bones together. It connects the Femur (bottom of the thighbone) and the Tibia (top of the shinbone) and gives stability to the knees. A tear in this ligament part gives the risk of injuries. It is most commonly caused by sportive accidents. The injury or the tear might be partial or complete. The twist of the knees while walking or running, jumping, and landing on the way are some of the reasons for the tear of the ACL. It is often seen in sportsmen playing football, basketball, tennis, and soccer.


The most common sign or symptoms of ACL injury is the pain or the pop in the knees. Soon after the injury, the knees get swollen. The swelling might go down and make the person feel unstable to walk or stand.

What are PCL Injuries?

PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligaments) is located inside the knees behind the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligaments). As mentioned earlier, several ligaments are connecting the femur and tibia with bones, PCL is one among them. It keeps the tibia from moving backward. Unlike Stand Alone Cage, only a powerful force can cause PCL injuries. Car accidents and hitting the dashboard, football players falling down with bent knees, etc are the common cause of PCL injuries. These are often subtle and very complicated to evaluate than other ligament injuries. Twisting of the knees or the hyperextension of ligaments are also the main cause factor of this injury.

Symptoms: So as the ACL injury symptoms, PCL injury also gets swelling soon after the injury. The pain and the swelling make the knees stiff and will be numb. You might feel unstable and will give out because of the intense pain. The difficulty in walking is also yet another symptom.

Remedy with ACL PCL instrument set:

Both these injuries require proper treatment and a physician’s prescription of medicine. ACL/PCL instrument set is one of the prominent factors that is used in surgical time. The reconstruction technique makes use of these instruments to get the proper fixation of ligaments. It can give stable fixation and anatomical placement of ligament with the tools. Also, both ACL and PCL injuries are diagnosed after certain tests and examinations. Rebuilding the ligaments is one of the techniques used for PCL injury whereas grafting to reconstruct the ligaments is in ACL injuries. There are even non-surgical treatments and rehabilitation to bring back the patient to a better condition.

Final Verdict

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