How Elon Musk Became Elon Musk: A Brief Biography


What About Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is the most famous and well-known American entrepreneur who became the constant growth and success of (named as PayPal recently), SpaceX in 2002, and Tesla Motors (2003). He is a South African born, became a multimillionaire once he sold his startup company.

He achieved his name in headlines when he launched SpaceX in May 2012, which would be the first and foremost commercial vehicle sent to the International space station. He made his portfolio even stronger and familiar with Solarcity (2016) as well as by taking in charge of President Donald’s Trump’s Administration.

Elon Musk

His Past Life

Elon Musk was born in South Africa on June 28th, 1971 and he has a plethora of plans and invention ideas from his younger age when his parents took him into the doctors for checking his hearing.

At the age of 10, his parents got divorced and he started to develop his computer skills and knowledge without bothering about anything. He tried to execute his own program that results in developing and selling his software related to the game (Blastar) when he was 12. Due to his own interest, started to learn wrestling and karate to defend himself.

What About Elon Musk Family And All?

Musk was the son of a Canadian mother and a South African father. Her mother is a model who has worked in five different jobs to support her family. His father is Errol Musk who is a great south African engineer. Musk spent more time on his childhood days with his brother and sister named Kimbal and Tosca.

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Elon Musk Education

Musk left Canada in the year 1992 to study business and physics and then graduated with a degree in economics. After that, he started to continue his bachelor’s degree in physics to enhance his own skills and knowledge regarding his interest.

Elon Musk Companies

  • Zip2 Corporation

With his own interest and talent, the Zip2 corporation is the first company revealed by Musk in 1995 with the help of his brother (Kimbal musk). The purpose of this company is to soon provide the content for the Chicago Tribune and The New York Times websites. Due to this victory, Zip 2 is bought by a division of Compaq Computer corporation in 1999 for a cash of $307 million.

  • Paypal 

Elon and Kimbal Musk have planned to use that sold money for investment of which related to the online financial service and Payments Company. As days went by, the name has changed to Paypal which is well known by everyone now.

  • SpaceX

In 2002, Elon Musk has founded his third company named “Space Exploration Technologies Corporation” with an intention of providing commercial space travel. In the year 2008, the company gets well familiar among everywhere and gets awarded by NASA for the contract (handle cargo transport to the international space station.

  • Tesla

A long time ago, Musk was fascinated by the possibilities of electric cars, and in 2004 he became one of the major investors in Tesla Motors (later renamed as Tesla), an electric car manufacturer co-founded by entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Tesla introduced its first car in 2006, the Roadster, powered by a single battery and able to travel up to 245 miles (394 km).

  • AI and Neuralink

Several professional ventures have taken Musk’s interest regarding artificial intelligence to the next level, leading him to serve as co-chair of the nonprofit OpenAI. The company launched its research services in late 2015 with the stated purpose of using digital intelligence for human progress.

There were also reports in 2017 that Musk was backing a venture named Neuralink which intended to create implantable devices that will enable people to merge with software. In a July 2019 presentation, he elaborated on the progress of the company, explaining that its devices will consist of a microscopic chip that wirelessly connects through Bluetooth to a smartphone.

Last Few Words

Elon Musk’s interest was really inspiring that could be the best role model for upcoming youngsters. His interest and knowledge are admiring specifically on the internet and space. Such creative thinking and ideal execution results in all success. Make use of these lines and be bold to execute your creativity and thinking.