Easy Ways to Improve Car Safety Today


Since so many of us are on the road daily, it’s not a surprise that we have many car accidents all around the world, some of which end in serious injury or even death. To ensure better safety of yourself, your passengers and everyone else on the road, here are a few ways to make your vehicle safer and more comfortable:

Equip your car with child seats

Our kids are our biggest treasure, so it’s not a surprise that child safety on the road takes the first place on this list. It’s very important to have correctly fitting car seats and restraints for kids to ensure a comfortable, stress-free and safe ride every time. Consult the forums and you will find useful recommendations and reviews of different seats depending on your kid’s age and your car model, but just make sure your purchase passed all the safety tests.

Replace damaged and faulty parts

When you’re short on money, you might try your hardest to avoid garage visits and pay for costly repairs, but driving with damaged or dead parts can greatly reduce your safety on the road. For instance, if you notice cracks in your windshield, weird smells in the car, flashing lights on the dashboard, make sure to consult with experts and fix all the issues before taking your car out.

Upgrade your tires

Tires are probably the most neglected part of the car, but for all the wrong reasons. The rubber on your wheels is your only contact with the road, so you have to ensure this connection is stable and reliable. Depending on where you live, in rural Alaska, mixed European towns or huge metropolises like Sydney, you must consider the best choice of tire for you. If you don’t know a lot about tire health, you can visit a car service in Sydney and ask for advice. These guys are ready to fit you with the best tires, as well as perform wheel alignment and brake checks. All of these upgrades will improve your car’s handling and stability and get you to your destination safely no matter the conditions outside.

Install cameras

Both dashcams and reversing cameras are a great addition to your car. Dashcams can serve as insurance in case you get into an accident—you can easily prove guilt and avoid lawsuits and costly law issues. Outside cameras provide a great overview of what’s happening around your car, so you can be aware of other people and cars and avoid any accidents. Some newer cameras even have projected lines and distance readings so you can know how much space you have for maneuvering. These cameras are available in most western countries, and in Australia you can even get them in stores and install them at home with a few tools.

Ensure good visibility

Your headlights and taillights need to be functional to ensure you are visible in traffic and can notice other road users in time. If your lights are damaged or not bright enough, replace the bulbs and have your lights polished. Properly align your lights for the best visibility even through the darkest of nights.

Stock up on necessities

Wherever you go, your car needs to be equipped with a few safety necessities, especially if you’re taking a longer trip away from home and civilization. For instance, you always need to have the first aid kit in your car, as well as a spare tire, tire repair kit, fire extinguisher and jumper cables. Having a working flashlight and a knife is also a must since you never know what kind of tasks you might be required to perform after nightfall.

Remove the bull bar

If you’re driving an SUV, you might have a bull bar installed instead of your standard bumper. While these look great and powerful, they can cause serious damage to other road users. Unless you live in rural Canada or Australia where you need bull bars to stay protected from animal and tree collusions, you won’t need these in Toronto or Sydney.

Remove clutter from the cabin

Most of us travel with all sorts of chargers and cords, coffee cups and toll tickets chucked to the dash. All of these things are necessary for comfortable  car rides, but they can easily distract us and cause an accident. If you get tangled in the cords, drop your phone, tip a cup or catch a glare from the things on your dashboard, it’s more than enough to get us off the road. So make sure to keep all the cables neat, trash in the bin and cups firmly in their holders. If you don’t have a bin and cup holders, you can get them online for only a few bucks.

Every time you sit in your car, you are technically risking your life. However, with these safety tips, you will reduce the possibility of an accident and ensure you, your passengers and other people around you are much safer on the road.