When Should You Call An Emergency Plumber?


A small problem in the plumbing system can turn into something catastrophic and urgent in no time. Though the DIY fix might be of help in solving small problems at times, you should not be too much self-assured in these cases. It is also necessary for you to know when you should call for an expert. An emergency plumber can help you solve your problems faster and easier.

Plenty of companies provide you with expert plumbers who can address any fixture or pipe problem. Following are some of the reasons why you should consider the situation of an emergency and call an emergency plumber for your help.

Risk Of Flooding

An emergency plumber should be called if there is the potential for a flood. There are plenty of plumbing mishaps that generally leads to flooding. This can cause irreparable damage to your carpet, furniture, flooring, building materials, insulation, and wooden framings. Water can short our your electrical system and then quickly trigger mold.

Burst Pipe

There is no doubt you need an emergency Geelong plumber when there is a pipe burst. Water can flood your home and can cause damage in a massive amount to your infrastructure. You can reduce the damage by shutting off your water supply. Also, move valuable away from the flooded areas. A company that provides you with a 24-hour plumber can help your fix your pipe. Still, you may want to inquire whether they offer water remediation services too.

Overflow Of Toilet

Due to contaminated water, your toilet can overflow at times. There can also be be viruses and bacteria that can put your health at risk. In such cases, you should plumbers and make sure that the overflow of water does not occur ever again.

Sewer Backup

Sewage contains a lot of waste product that has been removed from your house or office. A backup in the sewer can cause odors, fumes, and pathogens to infiltrate the indoor environment and create an extreme health hazard. In addition, running water and the function of the facilities in your bathroom will be compromised. A backup in sewer caused due to broken pipe, blockage or any other kinds of intrusion is an urgent reason to call your emergency plumber for help.

Freezing Water In Your Shower

The cold water in the shower comes as a jolt to the senses. After this, only you may realize that something is seriously wrong with your system. A cold shower is usually caused due to water heater problems. You can check the unit of the breaker box or the pilot light on the gas heater. If you can not fix the problem by clicking on the switch or hear any kind of rattling noise, contact your local plumber for help. The water heaters usually do not last longer than eleven to twelve years. It is that old, you should consider replacing it with an emergency plumber.

Blocked Drains

You must be inclined to take us the plunger. While this can be useful, a blocked drain might still have some of the hidden reasons that can ultimately lead to the rising of water that cannot be controlled. In such cases, you should take the help of a plumber. They can help you if the drains keep on clogging or multiple drains in your house are blocked. If the rarely used drains are getting affected, then, your sewer must be the problem.

There are plenty of trusted companies who offer you the best plumbers, friendly service, and much more.  Call for an emergency plumber immediately if you notice any of these problems.