What You Should Know About Sneeze Guards


The importance of sneeze shields has grown a lot, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are increasingly on the lookout for ways to make sure their employees and customers are safe from being contaminated by coughing or anything else.

Different types of businesses, schools, and organizations can integrate customized sneeze guards made of plastic or glass to make sure they stay safe.

How Sneeze Guards are Made and Customized

You can find a vast range of sneeze guard materials out there from businesses that make sneeze shields. You can get a customized sneeze guard from any high-quality material from glass to plastic in your desired shape and size. The shape and size will be as per the specifications of the spot where the guard is to be placed and the other requirements revolving around it.

The true advantage of customized guards is that it can be made to suit any place from banks and exam halls to BJJ martial arts training centers and any other setting.

Also, the type of material you use will depend on:

  • The quality
  • Cost
  • Availability of a specific type of material
  • Structural design and overall appearance
  • Various different factors

Polycarbonate Plastic Barrier

This material is known for sharing many of its properties with acrylic plastics and PMMA. However, the polycarbonate plastic material is much tougher in terms of strength as compared with the other kinds of materials just mentioned.

This material is also more expensive compared with other sorts of materials. And for sneeze guards, this material is seen as costly.

Glass-Made Screen Barriers

Glass barriers are the most popular choice in places where a complete and permanent sort of barrier is required. These places are mostly banks, restaurants that offer buffets, rostrums, etc.

Glass-made guards are usually heavier as compared with other types of barriers made from plastic materials.

Another downside of glass is it’s very fragile in nature as compared with plastic. That’s why plastic-made shields are considered a better option than glass for being cost-efficient, lightweight, and less prone to breaking.

How Do Sneeze Guards Prevent Germs from Spreading

The concept of sneeze shields keeping germs from getting to the next person is quite simple. As there is this transparent shield between two persons, if any one of them sneezes or coughs – then the germs’ impact will not reach the other person.

Rather than being in direct contact, the two persons can communicate easily while divided by a germ preventive wall of sneeze guard. By doing so, the chances of getting a contagious disease are dramatically lowered – which is the chief goal of doing so.

The Aesthetic Point of View

If we think of sneeze guards from an aesthetic point of view, we realize that these guards add a lot to the overall beauty of the room.

Well-customized and nicely cut sneeze shields are an awesome way to add to the beauty and appearance of the place. The slink cutting of the barriers that are mounted on top of shining steel handles is aesthetic to look at when anyone enters a commercial setting such as offices and banks.