What Are The Health Issues Can Be Solved With The Stand Alone Cage?


Stand alone enclosure is typically used in spinal fusion surgery. It helps to treat your lower back or neck pain, and during the surgery, the doctor will be placing an Interbody cage in your spine. It will serve as the space holder between your injured vertebrate and allow the bone to go through it. Eventually, this tool would become a part of your spine. This will be made of stainless steel, PEEK, and titanium alloys. The Stand Alone Cage is an implant tool that is also known as the ACDF cage. It aids to support the bone and offers stability which reduces the pain. If you are not aware of this tool then read the below lines to know the problems that need to be treated with the ACDF cage.

Spine Deformity 

The stand-alone screw helps to stabilize the spinal deformities like an abnormal curve in your spine. It can bring the chances of affecting your spine’s potential to do its work, neurological problems, mobility challenges, and leading to pain. During the spinal fixation surgery, the vertebrates will be held together, and they will be healing into one unit. It can prevent deformity and keep the boy in the same shape. You can prefer spinal fusion surgery to get them quickly.

Spinal Weakness Or Instability 

The structures that bind vertebrates to each other become weaker, due to aging, congenital-spinal defects from birth, and others cause instability. If you ignore this problem, then it can lead to the risk of bone porous development and spinal arthritis. Though it will be any kind of Anchor For Small Joints, spinal injurious, they would be serious and require the proper treatment. Also, when there is excessive or abnormal motion between two vertebrates, the spine may become unstable. 

Herniated Disk can be cured with Stand Alone Cage 

If any damaged disk is removed from your body, then your spine may need to be stabilized. So it can be treated with fusion surgery by using the stand-alone enclosure. When the surgeon fixes the implant tool, your spine gets stability, and it will be stronger. So, you can easily work and do other activities like before without facing any difficulties in your body. 

Spinal Stenosis 

Spinal stenosis can put pressure on the spinal nerves and spinal cord. Generally, it will occur at the lower back and neck, which is caused due to age-related wear and tear. It does not seem serious in the initial stages, but it can lead to permanent damage if it remains untreated. 

Vertebral Tumor 

The vertebral tremor is a kind of spinal tumor that would affect the vertebrate or bones of the spine. It begins within the spinal cord called a tumor and affects the bone heavily. It spreads from cancers in other parts of the body and its growths within your spinal canal. This is also needed to be treated with spinal fusion surgery. 

Final Thoughts 

To treat the above problems, the Stand Alone Cage in spinal fusion surgery is implemented. At MJ surgical, we offer you high-quality orthopedic impacts and instruments. We are India’s leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporters who have great credibility around the world. Our implants are made of titanium alloys, PEEK, and stainless steel.