Types of Solar Panels for a 15kw Solar System


The rising demand for renewable energy sources has led to a surge in solar energy. In the past, solar was popular even without the support of the government and industrial demand. As solar energy is on the rise, it is time to know about the backbone of it: solar panels. Here we will discuss different types of panels for a 15KW solar system. Read till the end decide for yourself which would be a good fit for your solar system. Before going too deep, let’s first learn about the basis of solar panels.

What Is a Solar Panel?

Solar panels are used to attract and collect energy from the sun and then convert it into electricity. The solar panel includes an individual solar cell, which is made of boron, silicon, and phosphorus. The boron layer gives a positive charge, and the phosphorus layer gives a negative charge, and the silicon acts as a semiconductor. When the photons of the sun strike surface, it generates Direct Current.

15Kw Solar Panel

Four Types of Panels

  • Mono-crystalline Panels

This is also known as a single-crystal panel and is made from pure silicon crystal. Since it is made from pure silicon crystal, it can be identified with black color. These types of panels are very space-efficient and long-lasting among the other panels. But this panel is very costly, but you don’t have enough space on the rooftop, then you can consider it.

  • Poly-crystalline Solar Panels

Just like the name, it has different silicone crystals instead of one. The silicone fragments are melted and then poured to form a square mold. That is why it is very affordable and comes in a square shape. But this makes it less energy efficient when it comes to energy efficiency. It requires more space as well, which becomes a problem. These panels don’t have high heat tolerance as well.

  • Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell Panels

PERC is an advanced version of an old mono-crystalline cell. This new technology adds passivation layers that improve efficiency in so many ways. It reflects the light that enhances the amount of solar radiation. It also reduces the tendency of electrons to inhibit the flow of electrons. So, you can consider your 15KW solar system as well. Additionally, PERC has a smaller size which a great for limited space.

  • Thin-film Solar Panels

The thin-film solar panels are known as fine layers that are very thin and flexible. Each of the panels doesn’t need frame backing, and it makes them easier to install and lightweight. These panels also come in a wide range of sizes that will suit specific needs for your 15KW solar system. But the only concern is they are less efficient than silicon solar panels.

15kw Solar Panel System

Other Things to Consider

  • Temperature

The temperature of a panel plays a crucial role, and it can have an impact on the ability to generate energy. Thin-film panels have a -0.2% temperature coefficient which makes it best for the hotter environment or the places that have hot weather all the time.

  • Fire Rating

The fire rating is to ensure that the solar panels won’t spread flames or start a fire. That is why you need to choose the right 15kw solar panel system for a better experience.

Class A

  • It is efficient against severe fire
  • Flames spread won’t cross 6 feet
  • Required for areas with high fire risk

Class B

  • Effective against the moderate level of fire exposure
  • That spread of flames won’t cross 8 feet

Class C

  • Effective against low or light fire exposure

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