Types and Options of Safety Cabinets


Safety cabinets protect the environment and employees in case of an accidental spill or leakage. If you are looking to buy spill kits or related accessories in bulk, you could check out the website of the spill station. They offer high-quality products that could protect people and the environment from possible spills and contain them in case of an event. Look at the following link if you plan to buy safety cabinets.


Types and Options of Safety Cabinets

Flammable Liquid Storage

Simple liquid storage cabinets would need strong steel construction for optimal fire resistance. They would be yellow. Different flammable cabinet sizes and configuration options could be available in the market. How to choose between a manual door or self-closed doors. Flammable liquid safety cabinets should protect their contents well.

Paint and Ink storage

Painting safety cabinets protect your house from combustible liquid and aerosol cans. The colours include yellow or red powder-coated Steel. You could find them in various sizes and configurations with or without self-closing doors. The shelves are height adjustable that helps in maximizing space and organising paint cans or ink with ease. If you have moisture concerns, you could opt for a tower cabinet with legs for increased ventilation.

Corrosive storage and acids

Corrosive and acid safety cabinets offer high resistance to spills and chemical vapours. They are made of polyethene or durable steel which are usually in blue. They come in various sizes that include options that fit under countertops, benchtops and lab workbenches. Some cabinets can contain aggressive sulphuric, nitric or hydrochloric acid. Avoid storing nitric and sulphuric acid in the same cabinet unit.

Pesticide storage

Such cabinets hold toxic pesticides and insecticide chemicals. They are green in colour and are made of heavy-duty steel with either manual or self-closed doors. Corrosion-resistant shelves can help in keeping chemical storage cabinets in good condition. This could be a great option for agricultural companies to store chemicals.

Drum storage

They are suitable for various hazards and combustible materials. They are available in yellow colour for flammable hazard classification. You can choose between vertical or horizontal storage units with or without self-closing doors. Drum cabinet models would have roller conveyors in the bottom for easy material handling.

Choosing storage cabinet material

The material used to construct storage cabinets could vary based on the intended use. Stainless steel and polyethene are the most common materials that are used to make professional-grade cabinets. Both materials offer superior levels of strength, longevity and durability. The properties are essential when it comes to storing potentially hazardous chemicals.

Steel cabinets cannot be used to store hydrochloric, sulphuric and nitric acids. You could choose a polyethene cabinet as the material is non-flammable. Also feature a sealed internal containment sump and vents. You could find that some safety storage cabinets have corrosion resistant powder coating that can prove to be beneficial spill kits, Spill Staion. The layer serves as a barrier of protection. If a corrosive chemical spills over, the powder coating helps in protecting the cabinet from damage and thereby avoiding any dangerous or hazardous explosions, spills or even chemical reactions or formation of poisonous gasses.