Top Platforms of Blockchain That is Popular Among Software Industries


Today’s modern era, the blockchain is growing faster in the software industry. Most of the top investors and entrepreneurs were investing their precious time to learn about it. With the help of blockchain, the software industry artificial intelligence is a more buzzy word and will be emerging among businesses including software development. The blockchain frameworks allow you to develop and host applications on the blockchain. Why is blockchain so important in the Software Development environment? Blockchain is a decentralized platform that offers more benefits like optimum security, transparency, data ownership and more.

Do you own a business? And are you looking for the best blockchain platforms to create your next business application? No worry. Just have a look at the list of top blockchain platforms that are popular among software industries.

1. Ethereum

Ethereum is the best platform for people to build decentralized applications and democratic autonomous organizations. Ethereum has now created a lot of buzz word in the market. The platform allows controlling the flow of money by using proper code management. It’s known for running smart contracts on the custom-built blockchain networks. Most of the developers prefer ethereum, one of the best industry-leading blockchain platforms for building enterprise-grade applications.

Features of Ethereum

  • Proof-of-work based System
  • Multiple language application like C++ and Python
  • Strongly followed in Github

2. Hyperledger Fabric

One of the most recently developed Blockchain platforms is Hyperledger fabric, intended for creating blockchain-based applications using a modular architecture. It aims to boost the use of Blockchain technologies across different software industries. The platform is designed for permissioned networks that allow known identities to participate within a network. The top Software Development companies prefer this blockchain platform to build an enterprise-grade application.

Features of Hyperledger

  • 180+ collaborating enterprises
  • Production-ready for industries
  • Real only history inquiries

3. Multichain

Multichain is the best option to build and deploy distributed ledger applications instantly. It is an open-source platform and compatible with Bitcoin. The platform gives better performance and scaling of your application as compared to other platforms. Developers can use this platform for encrypted archiving programs with an advanced level of data sharing and timestamping. With this blockchain platform, you don’t need to learn new programming languages to build new smart software solutions and applications.

Features of Multichain

  • The free and open-source platform
  • Formation of per missioned network
  • Strongly followed by Github
  • The language supports C, C++, Python, and JavaScript

4. Ripple

Ripple is the best-known blockchain platform among the community of payment providers, banks, and corporates. It’s suitable for cross-border payment solutions that allow banks to transact directly across national borders. Ripple allows global payment via digital assets called XRP or Ripple which shares similar popularity as Ethereum or Bitcoin. XRP is more scalable and faster than another blockchain to build on the advanced blockchain technology.

Features of Ripple

  • Helps to connect banks, digital assets exchanges, and payment providers
  • Faster and more efficient blockchain platform
  • Send Money Globally with ease

5. Corda

Have you heard about blockchain? If so, then you would have often heard about the R3 consortium. R3 is a consortium of the world’s leading financial institutions that built one of the blockchain platforms called Corda. Corda is an open-source and cutting-edge blockchain platform that allows institutions to transact directly by using smart contracts that remove costly frictions in business transactions. Initially, Corda is designed for the financial sector, but now it is being applied in various industries like healthcare, supply chain, trade finance, and government authorities.

Features of Corda

  • Permissioned blockchain
  • Focus on interoperability ease of integration with the legacy system

Last Few Words

Hope, the list of blockchain platforms gives you enough information and now you have got an idea to pick the best blockchain platform that relevant for your business project. You have to focus on the above-listed blockchain platforms before you get started with your blockchain-based Software Development. Choose the best blockchain platforms that match all your requirements and get shine in Software industries.