Top 5 Hair Highlights Fitzroy Techniques You Should Try On Your Hair


Getting bored with your old look? Then you can change it by highlighting your hair. It will add depth to your hair and make it look volume and texture. Also, it helps to enhance your skin tone and show you uniqueness among others. It is an incredible way to hide the grey hair that gives stress. There are diverse types of Hair Highlights Fitzroy techniques provided by the salon. They will modernize your style and add more charm to your personality. You can alter your hair color to the options including peacock green, dark blue, carrot-orange, ice-grey, pastel pink, yellow and more. Choose the one that matches your outlook after getting suggestions from the stylist. Refer below to know some wonderful hair highlight techniques that you can try.

  1. Hair Highlighting

Hair highlighting is a traditional method that is known as foiling. The hairstylist will lighten your hair strands from the root to the end. After that, they will leave the natural hair color between the foils to add more dimension and depth. Then the very small hair sections are brushed with bleach, after that they are wrapped with foil. The foil sheets are the main thing used to change the hair color according to your preference. It can be partially or completely highlighted depending on your need and enhances your appearance.

  1. Balayage – Hair Highlights Fitzroy Technique

In the balayage technique, the hair color is painted on the hair to make a graduated and natural-looking effect. Moreover, it requires less maintenance when compared to the other methods. It can be customized based on your need to soften or highlight your facial features. It is a more visual and hand-painted technique that will always give more subtle results. So, most people opt for balayage to level up their personality and show them gorgeous. It can give a more natural, blended, and sun-kissed color to your hair. So, you can ask for this if you want to achieve this kind of appearance.

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  1. Glossing

Looking for a technique that adds more shine to your hair? Then you can consider the glossing that helps to boost your personality. It is a semi-permanent treatment that aids with shine and darkens or brightens your existing color. It can soften your hair and help combat sun damage. Apart from these, the glossing can add texture and volume to your hair. It can be performed in the salon, choose the reputable one. This is available in two types: clear gloss and color gloss. It is worth it and apt for the person who wants to color or shine to boost the hair.

  1. Scalp Bleach

Scalp bleach is a kind of lightning color method which helps to achieve a very light color. The shades like blonde, silver, white, and others can be added by using this technique. During this process, the bleach is directly painted onto your scalp. Then it will be left to develop, and it won’t need any foils. But ensure to check if the scalp bleach is done properly to avoid the side effects like chemical burns or scalp irritation.

  1. Color Correction

Color correction is a useful technique for you when trying something at home that goes wrong in hair coloring. At a salon, the stylist will dry your darker hair or tone out unwanted brassiness, or lighten your hair even more to get the desired effect. It is a process of repairing or fixing the damage that is different from the traditional coloring service. During this method, they use purple shampoos, and toners to change or neutralize the hair color.

End Lines

You can ask for the above useful Hair Highlights Fitzroytechnique from your stylist. At Cast salon, we have expert and award-winning hairdressers who can help to change your look elegantly. We provide you with all the above methods that boost your personality. We offer top-notch salon services at a reasonable cost that meet your expectations. So, feel free to make a call for us and get the desired ones.