The Ways To Go With The Best Bathroom Tiles Melbourne


The tiled wall in your bathroom may be the one feature that completely transforms the space. Whatever you choose, the possibilities are endless, whether it’s classic subway tiles or square ceramic tiles for a retro aesthetic. You’ll find something to suit every taste. Select a design that reflects your unique individuality.

If you have a previous design style, you can give it a fresh new look. A design should, however, be unique from the rest. Remodeling your Bathroom Tiles in Melbourne without the help of a professional is unattainable. Creating massive works of art requires professionals. Choosing a reputable Tiles supplier during bathroom design is the key to ensuring a high-quality finish.

Pick the design that closes to your heart

Should you pay attention to your heart or your mind? It is typically correct, and as a result, you are happier. When you start a bathroom remodel, you usually have one tile in mind that you want to use. It might be enjoyable at times to come up with a unique and colorful bathroom tile design concept. In any case, use that dream tile as a jumping-off point for the other tiles you’ll employ in your bathroom design.

Stick to one show stopper

In a bathroom, you can find many beautiful tiles, and it’s a perfect place to put them. Show off your personality with a color or pattern that will make your tiles stand out. If you are planning on implementing the show-stopper, keep it to only one. You will not be competing with other elements in the room, making your look timeless. A professional will guide you in choosing the most appropriate and perfect design for your bathroom.

Try to keep 3 different tiles

Start by selecting your first tile (must have) as a starting point and then use it as the basis for making other decisions concerning the other tiles in your design. Play with the hues of your must-have unique color or pattern that is supposed to be the focal point of your design to produce your accent tiles. To add interest to an otherwise plain tile, you may wish to opt for an accent tile like a colorful accent tile. There is something very appealing about the patterned and textured tiles. The plain white tiles still hold a lot of charm for some people.

Take maintenance into consideration 

The most maintenance-free tile for these areas would be porcelain or ceramic tiles since they are very water-resistant. There is more maintenance required for tiles made from natural stone and it also needs to be sealed. Having more pores makes them more prone to collecting dirt and grime. If you are looking to add texture to a room using stone, you might consider using it on the floor or in an area not as wet. Glass tile is so gorgeous and looks great on walls and as an accent tile. The floor wouldn’t work well with it since it’s so slippery.

Blend Black and White Bathroom Tiles Melbourne

Some people strongly desire to distinguish their bathroom area. Hence, tiles can demonstrate your style. Black and white are classic colors that look great in design. Dark bathroom walls contrast well with white vertical tiles. It will be followed by the black-tiled shower. The installation process will be handled by professionals. In this dark-toned space, black is the predominant color. Through its use of color, it establishes a sense of separation. Any color can be chosen in the interior design to make it stand out.

Final Thoughts

Until they are mounted in your walls, Bathroom Tiles Melbourne is fairly fragile. As a result, you’ll need to transfer your tiles safely to your destination. There’s also the installation to consider. Auzzie tile is a one-stop-shop for all of your building requirements, where we will take care of the shipping and installation of your tiles, utilizing cutting-edge technology that will last.