The Five Advantages of Annual Boiler Servicing


Your boiler plays a critical function in maintaining a pleasant temperature in your house or office. The boiler’s many components might wear out over time, causing it to lose some of its functionality.

Having a skilled heating engineer perform routine maintenance on your boiler is essential if you want to keep it working safely and efficiently. To help with that, we’ve got you covered. In order to keep your boiler in excellent working order, Maxi Boiler Services employs a team of Gas Safe certified professionals who have the necessary experience and expertise. Boiler maintenance services have a number of advantages.

Boiler breakdowns are less likely to occur

Boiler checkups can catch any problems before they get out of hand and become more difficult to remedy. It is less likely that your boiler will break down unexpectedly next year because you know you can count on it.

Increase Boiler Life

An annual boiler servicing can extend the life of your appliance. In addition to keeping your boiler in good working order, professional inspections and maintenance can also help you uncover small concerns that may need to be resolved. Proactively resolving these issues can help keep them from growing and becoming more costly in the future.

Boiler maintenance keeps warranties valid

Repairs or failures with your boiler can be covered by a warranty or guarantee for 10-15 years with some boilers. The risk of invalidating this warranty/guarantee is high if you don’t get your boiler serviced, as many warranties/guarantees need annual boiler servicing.

Annual maintenance can lower your energy costs

The efficiency of your boiler is checked by our gas professionals to prevent heat and energy waste. Boilers that use less energy and money to heat your home are more efficient, which saves you money and energy in the long run! However, an Inverter Heat Pump can save money and space by eliminating the need for a buffer tank or by using underfloor heating with full zone control, which can save even more money and space.

For every 1kW of heat pump power, a 15-liter buffer tank is required as part of the installation of a fixed output unit. Pre-heated water can be stored in the buffer tank to reduce the number of on-and-off cycles within a central heating system.

Servicing boilers is required by legislation

It is your duty as a landlord to ensure the safety of your renters, so you should get all gas appliances serviced once a year. Gas safety certificates must be given to tenants and they must be informed of any equipment modifications.

Ensure the safety of your loved ones and coworkers

Regular boiler maintenance has the most significant benefit of increasing the safety of your home or workplace. A faulty or broken boiler can be extremely hazardous, resulting in fires and gas leaks. In addition, a broken boiler could raise the chance of carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that has no taste or smell, being released into the air. Boilers should be serviced by a qualified gas expert at least once a year to ensure their safety.